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St. John USVI Massage and Spa

Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa treatment when you visit beautiful St. John. The concierge team at Cimmaron St. John Vacation Villas and Condos will be pleased to schedule your visit to a St. John USVI massage, or arrange for a luxurious, private in-villa treatment. Choose from an array of services, and treat yourself to a day of rest, rejuvenation, and relaxation in a spa at St. Johns!

Body Wraps

In addition to providing warmth and relaxation, body wraps offer numerous benefits to the skin and body. Wraps can help improve the appearance and texture of skin by eliminating toxins and offering exfoliation and deep-level moisturization. Schedule your St. John USVI massage and spa body wrap today, and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, and with beautifully glowing skin.


Facials are a spa therapy that leave your skin looking and feeling cleaner, softer, younger, and more vibrant. They can help clear clogged pores, moisturize dry skin, and remove dead skin cells. The massage involved in facials can help relax facial muscles, slowing the onset of wrinkles and reducing puffiness. This enjoyable spa treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered when in a spa at St. Johns.


Spas originated around healing waters – otherwise known as hydrotherapy – using many forms of water to relax and soothe pain. Hydrotherapy can be a wonderful addition to body wraps and other spa therapy treatments.


Aromatherapy – a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health – is another lovely add-on to other spa services like facials, massage, and hydrotherapy. Your spa therapist will hand-pick aromatic essential oils for you, based on your top health and wellness priorities. From emotional concerns like mood boosting, relaxation, and stress relief to physical ailments like sore muscles and poor circulation, your spa therapist will find the perfect oil blend to meet your needs.

St. John USVI massage

Let go of all the tension in your body with a relaxing massage at a St. John USVI massage center or right in your Cimmaron St. John vacation villa or condo. Massage is a proven technique for relieving stress, anxiety, headaches, digestive disorders, sports injuries, and more. Book one of several massage treatments available and let all of your stresses melt away. Combine with aromatherapy or other treatment for added benefits.
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