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Books About & Inspired by St. John

Until you can get back to St. John, make your plans, learn more & feed your fantasies with books.
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Mingo's Cave by Chuck Ball

An escape for the adventurous | Comments by Ani Brooks, 10/14/2010 For anyone who as had the pleasure of falling in love with the island of St. John, Mingo's Cave is a must read. The author's intimacy with the people of St. John is apparent in his respect for their colloquialism & depiction of daily life in paradise. On every page, the reader is gently transported to a place & time that makes it seem possible to feel the tropical breezes of this magical island. I wish I could book my ticket now to go search for pirate's treasure in the Carribean! Kuddos to the author on an exceptional first publication. More please!
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Virgin Islands National Park: The Story Behind the Scenery

by Alan Robinson, K C & Gwen DenDooven, Fritz Henley (photographer) Glistening bays, tucked away like jewels along the coral-bounded coast--vine-entangled ruins of man's experiments with nature--a rugged land and the all-embracing sea, rampant with life; here is a world where one can feel an overwhelming sense of the timelessness of nature and man's place within it. --Amazon.com
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St. John U. S. Virgin Islands National Park Trail Map

This Trails Illustrated topographic map is the most comprehensive and complete recreational map for Virgin Islands National Park. The map includes valuable wilderness tips and Leave No Trace guidelines, along with updated trails, trailheads, points of interest, campgrounds and much more. Printed on waterproof, tear-resistant material with a plastic coating for extreme durability. Measures Approximately 4 1/4' x 9 1/4' folded and 25 1/2' x 37 3/4' fully opened. Scale = 1:22,000 Copyright 1994 'Revised 2006' --Amazon.com
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St. John, U S V I: Living Art by Steve Simonsen

Caribbean photographer & year round St. John resident Steve Simonsen's award winning photographic essay of St. John that celebrates the amazing natural beauty of the island in 182 spectacular photographs.
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St. John Beach Guide by Gerald Singer

'This provocatively photographed and informative guide book provides a comprehensive look at the beaches of St. John in the US Virgin Islands National Park, and insight into their ecology and history. Readers will discover which beaches to check out and why. Descriptions of the facilities, tips about snorkeling and much more.' --Virgin Voice, December 2006 January 2007
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