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The Lime Inn

As far as bars and restaurants on St. John go, The Lime Inn is definitely worth a visit or two during your vacation. In fact, many of the tourists put it up there on their vacation list. And it’s not just because the food is great; the bar has an amicable atmosphere about it, and the service is just wonderful. Besides all that, there are always tasting events taking place which are intended to surprise the patrons and add to their enjoyment. You go for the food and stay for the fun. It’s no wonder the place is always booked for special events and private parties.

Tastefully Selected Menu

First off, hats off to Chef Amaro, who designed the menu. If you want to have a true taste of the Caribbean cuisine, you couldn’t have chosen a better place. Between the local fish and fresh ingredients, the food here has a distinct flavor that is a mix of Caribbean and Puerto Rican style and taste. And you should try their clam chowder. It’s what brought them fame and put them on the map in the first place. We also recommend the frozen key lime pie for dessert. And don’t forget to take a picture with the friendly chef.

Special Events and Private Parties

When you’re vacationing in St. John with your big family or a large group, you need a special caterer to take care of your special event. The Lime Inn team take this opportunity to add a flare to the catering service that reflects on the whole event or party. Their menu for the special occasion is something to ponder and give you a pause. Choose from a wide variety of meticulously selected dishes that will satisfy every palate. For reservations and catering services you can call them at , email: limeinnstj@gmail.com or visit them at Cruz Bay, St. John USVI. It’s one block from the ferry dock.

Beautiful Vacation Villas for Rent

Taking care of your culinary needs is one thing, but picking a place to stay during your St. John vacation is a whole different ball game. This is why we have prepared a wonderful selection of villas for you to choose from! We withstood two category 5 hurricanes in one year, but our dedication to our guests never wavered. We welcome visitors with open hearts and great service. Call us today to find out more about our vacation villas.
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