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St. John is a slice of paradise in the Caribbean, surrounded by crystal clear waters, warm temperatures throughout the year, and plenty of oceanfront wildlife for nature lovers. There are many St. John excursions to enjoy on the island, from boat charters and sailing expeditions to scuba excursions and snorkel adventures. St. John shore excursions and St. John cruises are quite popular. However, closeby are many hidden gems that deserve your attention as well. Here are some of our favorite St. John excursions to the British Virgin Islands!

St. John Excursions to the British Virgin Islands

Just a hop, skip, and a leap from St. John are the British Virgin Islands, known for their reef-lined beaches and as a premier yachting destination. You will need a passport to make the venture over, whether you arrive by air or by sea, but the sights onshore will make the journey worthwhile. Moreover, CimmaronStJohn will make the arrangements for you if you’re interested in making one of these St. John excursions to the British Virgin Islands!

The Indians

The Indians are an uninhabited small grouping of islets west of British Pelican Island and east of American Flanagan Island perfect for diving and snorkeling. It’s a popular place to start your sailing trip with rocky pinnacles full of wildlife. Lobsters hide in various overhangs, while soft and hard corals along with colorful sponges can be found below the water. Blue tangs, parrotfish, cow fish, queen angels, trunkfish, and eel are common sightings. Rays and sharks can sometimes be seen too!

The Baths

The Baths are one of the most popular attractions on the islands, and you will embark on a true  adventure to get to them. A hike through the jungle will show you exotic wildlife and plantlife on your way, while a water entry will allow for breathtaking snorkeling adventures. Visitors can follow paths and trails to Devil’s Bay Beach after viewing the majestic boulder formations. Here, coral sands blend into the blue water. Spring Bay is an even better destination for snorkeling, with less crowds and more unusual sea creatures.

The Caves on Norman Island

Norman Island is one of the best St. John excursions to the British Virgin Islands located on the southern tip of the British Virgin Islands and houses many magnificent caves in Privateer Bay. These caves are massive and available for kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling. You can bring a dive light to see spectacular colors along the underwater walls, whereas snorkeling in the turquoise waters will open your eyes to fantastic parrotfish, spectacular coral, and teeming ocean life.

Treasure Island

Norman Island is also known as Treasure Island because of rich legends of pirates and buried treasure. In the early 18th century, a Spanish galleon was documented to have buried 55 chests of silver coins around the island. Most of the treasure has already been discovered, but more hidden treasure is believed to still exist on the island today!  Norman Island is also believed to have inspired the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.The Pirates Bight at “Treasure Island” is a sheltered anchorage for your boating convenience with an adjoining Pirates Bight Beach Bar and Restaurant. You will work up your appetite on the boat trip over, so feel free to indulge in Pirates wings, curried shrimp, and mango mousse. Yum!

Sail back to CimmaronStJohn

After venturing on these St. John excursions to the British Virgin Islands, come back to a relaxing oceanside villa at CimmaronStJohn. Choose what location works best on St. John for your visit and ensuing adventures, and enjoy your journeys in paradise! Our Arrival Guide will help you plan how to get here.

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