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When it comes to sensational scenery, the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John has a way with color, sand, sea and lush foliage that truly makes it a one-of-a-kind destination. Home to the Virgin Islands National Park, St. John is an oasis of outdoor adventure and beauty where nature endlessly inspires guests with features that includes everything from panoramic ocean views and rocky cliffs to hidden away coves that look like postcards come to life.

At Cimmaron St. John, we’re passionate about this truly unique place on the map and work hard to provide our guests with a collection of luxury St John villas that create a stay indoors inspiring enough to match the island experience waiting outdoors.

Interior Amenities That Are Inspired by Nature

St. John is brimming over with natural beauty and resources and a step into one of our luxury villas is designed to inspire that same sense of overall completeness. As in nature, variety is key in our luxury villas, and guests will be offered up a selection of properties that feature anywhere from 1 bedroom ideal for solo travel to 6 bedrooms perfectly suited for a large traveling group. The interiors of many of our luxury villas come finished with a collection of furnishings that take a cue from the great outdoors through the color palette, patterns, and accompanying wall art. Spacious floor plans mimic the wide-open spaces waiting for guests on pristine beaches, while large windows throughout the vast majority of our properties promote ample light flow in honor of our sunny island.

Luxury that Lets Nature Lead the Way

Our luxurious St. John villas promote an air of elegance and upscale living, but at their core, they are always inspired by the island itself. Where St. John provides visitors with crystal-clear waters for swimming and sailing, your choice of our luxury villas can include private hot tubs and relaxing swimming pools. Where the forests that fill the island provide a space for its inhabitants to dine and delight without worry about whether there’s enough to go around, our luxury villas come outfitted with BBQ grills and gourmet-style kitchens topped with beautiful countertops, modern amenities, and the cookware and utensils needed to serve up a savory meal on a whim. On a visit to the island of St. John, a visitor doesn’t have to travel far to encounter an amazing view. Our luxury villas on the island can be selected based on the very same concept with properties that host ideal sunset or sunrise vantage points as well as those that come with the added bonus of being a beachfront locale.

Savor Your St. John Getaway

Don’t hesitate to experience the beauty of St. John for yourself. The team at Cimmaron St. John is always on hand to help you book a beautiful and luxurious villa that’s sure to meet your every vacation expectation. Contact us today for more information.