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When the first snow of winter falls and an unmistakable chill creeps into the air, some may be excited for the change of season, while others crave nothing more than an extension to summer. When warm weather is a priority and you’re looking to step out of the daily grind, set your sights on some winter island getaways to St John to find everything you’re looking for and more! The stunning scenery, beautiful weather, and options for fun are sure to please. Leave the winter blues behind and enjoy time on St. John while thoughts of cold and snow quickly disappear.

Take a Hike

Over two-thirds of the landmass that makes up the greater St. John island belongs to the Virgin Islands National Park. This protected and pristine land beckons outdoor enthusiasts to make the most of the more than 22 hiking trails that maze through the landscape. From tropical birds to land-roaming creatures and incredible plants, a hike through this national park should always include a camera. Lace-up your boots and make your way along routes that have you encountering everything from lush forests to hidden away cays ready to be explored.

Enjoy a Swim

St. John is an island with a reputation for natural beauty, but perhaps one of the most tantalizing stops for those who love to swim and sunbathe is Trunk Bay. A stretch of immaculate white sand lapped by still blue waters makes this one of the most picturesque stops on all of St. John. Trunk Bay is a wonderful winter destination that’s great for reminding visitors just how far they are from the cold they left behind! Its beauty makes it a popular stop, so it’s recommended to arrive early in the morning to make the most of tranquil time on the beach.

Savor the Flavor of the Island

There’s something wonderful about taking time to simply relax when your winter getaway has you situated on a tropical paradise like the island of St. John. Combine relaxation with some amazing flavor by heading over to The Longboard when you’re in town. This fun and laid-back locale serves up delicious small plates, tacos, poke bowls, and sushi wraps, plus delightful island-inspired drinks (try their world-famous Frozen Painkiller!). Come with friends and family and enjoy a variety of healthy options made from fresh local ingredients and a healthy dose of Caribbean flair. You can find The Longboard at Cruz Bay.

Book a Stay Today

St. John is a year-round destination that deserves to be experienced time and again. Make sure your travel plans include amazing accommodations set up by the property professionals at Cimmaron St. John. Contact us today for more information on our many island options.

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