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Why Shopping in St. John is the Best for Unique Gifts

St. John is a unique Caribbean paradise, and so is the shopping in St. John, which is not only duty-free but an adventure! You simply must browse the stores in Wharfside Village and Mongoose Junction as well as others tucked along the streets near favorite eateries. You can find yourself the perfect souvenir or look for a gift to bring back to your loved ones back home. As you stroll the...

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The St. John Festival is One of the Best Things to Experience

The U.S. Virgin Islands celebrate both stateside and local history through the St. John Festival (a.k.a. Carnival). The unique Caribbean destination is also a United States territory, and revels in the best of both worlds. The St. John Festival starts in June and continues through the first week of July, with the festival parade taking place the day after local holiday Emancipation Day and on the Fourth of July, the biggest summer holiday on the U.S. calendar....

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British Virgin Islands

5 Facts About the History of St. John That You Need to Know

The history of St. John, USVI, now home to CimmaronStJohn, goes all the way back to its fiery volcanic birth over 100 million years ago. The beginning stages of island formation started underwater, when the first volcanic flows were uplifted and exposed. Four other stages followed, until limestone and sediment eventually surfaced over an extended period of time. The first human inhabitants of the island didn’t appear until much later, however. The...

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We Know Where to Eat in St. John: Here are 8 of the Best

Here at CimmaronStJohn in the beautiful Virgin Islands, we are surrounded by gorgeous beaches, calming waters, and beckoning sunshine. We’re also surrounded by some pretty delectable restaurants. Where to eat in St. John might be the last thing on your mind, with your focus on white sandy beaches, watersports, and island exploration. However, you will get hungry after a morning in the sun and on the water. If you’re wondering where...

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Honeymoon Beach St. John is One of the Best Spots for Watersports

There are some glorious oceanfront beaches along the shores of St. John, and one of the best is Honeymoon Beach, located between Cruz Bay and Caneel Bay. To access this prime stretch of white sand, you can hike from Cruz Bay or Caneel Bay Resort and pay a parking fee of $20.  A gorgeous day on one of the prettiest beaches on St. John is totally worth it, though, and if...

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Food and Drink

What is in a Bushwacker Cocktail? We Have the Answer!

There’s nothing quite like sitting down on the shores of a sandy sprawling beach, lounging back in your chair, letting the sun sink into your pores, and slurping a delicious tropical drink. Ultimate relaxation awaits on St. John in the form of the popular and potent Bushwacker Cocktail. Learn the recipe, find out where to get one on St. John, and indulge in this refreshing, icy cold blender drink during your...

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British Virgin Islands

Some of the Best St. John Excursions to the British Virgin Islands

St. John is a slice of paradise in the Caribbean, surrounded by crystal clear waters, warm temperatures throughout the year, and plenty of oceanfront wildlife for nature lovers. There are many St. John excursions to enjoy on the island, from boat charters and sailing expeditions to scuba excursions and snorkel adventures. St. John shore excursions and St. John cruises are quite popular. However, closeby are many hidden gems that deserve your attention as...

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Here are 6 of the Best St. John’s Spas to Get You On Island Time

If you’re going on vacation to the Caribbean, the last thing you want is any built up tension to be stressing you out during your stay. The second you get off the plane, you will be ready to relax, with gorgeous views and sunshine already sinking into your pores. The salt, sand, and sea do wonders, but if you want some extra rejuvenation, experience a St John’s day Spa. Pick Your...

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Things to do in St. John

Wharfside Village in St. John Features Great Restaurants and Bars

What better place to unwind with a cold drink than Wharfside Village. The brightly colored buildings at Wharfside Village St. John are home to great restaurants and bars on the waterfront overlooking the harbor of Cruz Bay.  Some feature live music and seating on the beach.  Check out this list of a few of our favorite places and be sure to stop for food and beverages on your next visit to St....

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Outdoor Recreation

4 Reasons to Visit the Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins

For an afternoon spent exploring one of the best-conditioned plantation ruins on the island, find your way to Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins.  Named after Salomon Zeeger’s wife Anna, Annaberg Plantation was a leading producer of sugar, molasses, and rum back in the 1800’s.  Today, Annaberg Sugar Plantation is protected by the Virgin Islands National Park. 4 Reasons to Visit Annaberg Sugar Plantation The Windmill at Annaberg is the main focal point at the ruins...

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