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Trunk Bay in St. John is one of the most famous and favorite locations on the island. You simply can’t beat the most pristine beach in the Caribbean surrounded by crystal clear water and panoramic views. Known for St. John Trunk Bay beach & snorkel trails, Trunk Bay coral reefs, and some delicious Trunk Bay food, the area remains among the island’s most stunning and well-preserved destinations. There is plenty to do at St. John Trunk Bay, from exciting water sports to culinary escapades to some classic sunbathing. Let your feet sink into the silky sand as coconut palms drape overhead, casting shade above your beach chair. Or, dive into the water and explore what lies just offshore. Whatever your choice, St. John Trunk Bay is an attraction you don’t want to miss during your stay with CimmaronStJohn!

The History of Trunk Bay in St. John

Recent History

St. John Trunk Bay was, most recently, donated to the National Park Service by Laurence S. Rockefeller and the Boulon Family just over 60 years ago. The beautiful beach and surrounding coral reefs are a favorite feature of the Virgin Islands National Park, though this is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the area’s long history. Extending further back into the past, you will discover that Trunk Bay was claimed and settled by Adrian Runnels and his entourage of slaves before Denmark officially laid claim to St. John in 1718. The remaining sugar mills stand as a reminder of the past St. John industry and slavery, leading up to the 1733 rebellion and much later emancipation in 1848.

Ancient History

The first occupants of the island seem to be the Tainos, who populated the area in 700 AD. This was where the true history of St. John Trunk Bay began. The Tainos lived in Trunk Bay, planted yucca, caught fish, gathered fruit, and created pottery, tools, and weapons for around 200 years. When Christopher Columbus later sailed by, he passed the island’s north shore yet did not report any sign of inhabitants. Archaeological finds suggest the Tainos left in a hurry, with abandoned cooking pots suggesting a mass exit. The question remains what happened to the Tainos? This is one thing history is unsure of. There is a chance the answer lies deep beneath the St. John Trunk Bay sands; when you visit, you might be walking on an unsolved mystery!

What to Do at Trunk Bay Today

Trunk Bay in St. John has so many wonderful activities to enjoy today. The gorgeous beach, is, of course, the favorite attraction. During the day, the sun beams down in a glorious display, while at night, the sunsets create a romantic painting across the sky. One word people use a lot for this destination is paradise! Snorkeling is another favorite endeavor, with calm, clear waters great for swimming and finding coral reefs and schools of fish. There are also food stands along the beach with surprisingly tasty meals to give you energy after letting the sun drain your worries. If you hit the beach at the right time (often very early in the morning), you might even find it pleasantly deserted. Enjoy some private strolls along the powdery shoreline beneath the palms and sea grape trees! Even if the beach is packed, the St. John Trunk Bay amenities are quite nice, such as well-maintained showers, bathrooms, and chair and snorkel equipment rentals.

Stay With CimmaronStJohn

After enjoying a full day taking in the sun, sand, and sea at St. John Trunk Bay, head back to your CimmaronStJohn villa for a private escape on the island. Enjoy luxurious amenities, panoramic views, and more during your stay. We hope you fall in love with St. John!

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