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The Caribbean is a secluded paradise, dotted with beautiful islands and idyllic beaches that visitors flock to seasonally. Set apart from the mainland, these islands are accessible only by air or by sea. Commercial flights arrive on St. Thomas, but St. John is only accessible by sea. So, how do you get from St. Thomas to St. John or from St. John to St. Thomas? To travel from island to island, you will need to utilize one of the following forms of transportation. We’ll let you know the best ways to island hop during your vacation stay!

Find out more about all of the ways to travel in the Caribbean to and from your CimmaronStJohn vacation home when you read our Arrival Guide. It’s full of the best recommendations for ways to get from St. John to St. Thomas or vice versa after you’ve landed.

How to Get to the U.S. Virgin Islands

When exploring how to travel between islands, you must first discover how to arrive in the Caribbean in the first place. The arrival process has two different spheres: sea and air. By sea, you will be able to travel directly to St. John. However, by air, you will first travel to St. Thomas before taking a ferry over to St. John. If flying commercial or private aircraft, guests will land at the Cyril King Airport on St. Thomas (airport code: STT). From here, guests will take ground transportation to a ferry or barge terminal for transfer to St. John! When you book with CimmaronStJohn, we will seek to make your arrival as seamless as possible. This is why we meet all of our arriving guests at the ferry or barge terminal on St. John and will escort them to their vacation home.

How to Get from St. Thomas to St. John

The easiest public transportation from St. Thomas to St. John is the passenger ferry. Once your plane lands, you will most likely travel from the St. Thomas airport to the Red Hook Ferry. These passenger ferries leave for St. John every hour on the hour daily, with the last ferry departing at midnight. So how long is the ferry from St. Thomas to St. John? This quick trip will only take about 20 minutes and costs just $7 (plus $4 per bag). If you rent your vehicle on St. Thomas, you will take the car ferry from Red Hook to St. John.  Car ferries generally depart every hour until 7 pm. The trip is about 40 minutes at a cost of $50 for a round trip.  Arrangements for a private taxi from the St. Thomas airport to Red Hook and/or a private water taxi from St. Thomas to St. John can also be made through the CimmaronStJohn’s concierge staff when they get in touch prior to your arrival.

Choose St. John for Your Caribbean Stay

St. John is one of the most beautiful slices of the Caribbean paradise. When you choose to stay on our gorgeous island, you will discover lush tropical hillsides, pristine beaches, and crystal clear water for miles. When you choose a CimmaronStJohn vacation home or villa, you will be getting a private, luxurious accommodation. Our properties offer spectacular views, modern amenities, pools and hot tubs, expansive decks, and much more! We hope you will let us be your home away from home in paradise!

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