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Upper Carolina Vacation Rentals

While a trip to St. John is sure to be filled with moments of rest and relaxation on the beach, under the sun and endless blue sky, travelers are also taken with this destination for its many charming stores, points of interest, and dining opportunities. When you’re looking for a place to stay that brings beauty alongside the convenience of location near bustling areas of entertainment, consider booking our US Virgin Islands vacation homes for rent in the Upper Carolina community. Overlooking Coral Harbor, a rental in this area provides views of mountains, sea, and tropical foliage while keeping you close to the snorkeling, dining, and shopping around Coral Bay.

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Amenities with a Vast View

The Upper Carolina locations booked by guests with Cimmaron St. John bring convenience and comfort, and of course, highlight the spectacular view. Our locations often include large windows for taking in the heights of Bordeaux Mountain, distant islands, and the sparkling Caribbean Sea. Most of our vacation home rentals in the Virgin Islands include a full kitchen complete with the utensils you’ll need for culinary creations and the appliances that keep the process efficient including a refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, and ice maker. Stylish and comfortable furnishings keep our properties cozy while large bedrooms and plush mattresses make for a wonderful night’s rest.

The Luxurious Details You Desire

Our US Virgin Islands vacation homes for rent come with the opportunity to upgrade details you’ve been longing to experience. Let our team know when you’re looking for a place that comes with an awe-inspiring balcony, private pool, private drive, or personal hot tub for incredible moments of relaxation under the stars. We specialize in customizing your stay to personal taste and style requirements.

The Best of Coral Bay

Its proximity to Coral Bay means guests staying at this location will have unparalleled access to some of the island’s best dining opportunities. When you’re here, be sure to make time for lunch or dinner stop at Aqua Bistro, an outdoor full-service bar overlooking Coral Harbor with a menu that offers up savory island specialties making this a destination that pleases the taste buds. You’ll want to be sure to try a hand-crafted cocktail inspired by island flavors. Soak up the sun, sip something sweet and mix and mingle with guests and locals at this fun, vibrant, and tasty Coral Bay restaurant.

Book a Stay in Our Upper Carolina Vacation Home Rentals in the Virgin Islands

When it comes to an exceptional St. John stay, the team at Cimmaron St. John knows what it takes to surpass expectations. Let us take care of the booking details while you make the most of the landscape that awaits you. Contact us today to start planning your next island adventure!