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Salt Pond Bay Beach

St. John is a glittering jewel nestled into the blue waters of the Caribbean that brings visitors in by the droves in the name of that ideal island getaway. Known for its sun, sand and pristine views, it’s hard to imagine that a hierarchy of locations exists on this well-loved island, but inevitably, there are a few places that just stand out from the pack. When it comes to crafting the perfect itinerary, make sure a stop at Salt Pond Bay Beach tops your list of things to do in St John VI.

Cozy Island Coves

While the island of St. John itself is a Caribbean dream, those who know the island well are privy to the fact that every island has its share of treasures in the form of tucked away beaches and bays. If you know where to look, the results are amazing. Salt Pond Bay Beach is one of those highly-desired treasure destinations. A winding road off Coral Bay leads to the access point for Salt Pond Bay Beach. Accessible exclusively on foot, Salt Pond Bay Beach should be witnessed in order to understand how the effort to get there is all worth the while. This protected cove is a low-surf crescent perfect for enjoying a day on the sand. Awe inspiring views and gentle waves make it one of the most sought-after scenic and serene locations in St. John.

Sensational Snorkeling

It’s reputation for low-surf and beautiful shallow waters means Salt Pond Bay Beach is a snorkeling enthusiast’s must-hit destination. With sting rays, sea turtles and hermit crabs all calling the seagrass beds near this cove home, the majority of snorkelers will be delighted to encounter one or all of these creatures during an outing!

Hiking the Trails

Another highlight of Salt Pond Bay Beach is its proximity to major St. John trail heads. Ram’s Head Trail is a renowned point of exploration for those who desire to get out and get into nature while in St. John. This rugged, mile-long path provides amazing views of the island and opportunities to make your way over rocky beaches before hitting the highlight point at Ram’s Head. With views, exploration and adventure all so easily accessible, it’s no wonder visitors fall in love with Salt Pond Bay Beach as soon as they find it.

Helping You Find Your Dream Home in St. John

Your vacation home in St. John should be an awe-inspiring as the trips you take to discover the island. When you’re here, let the professionals at Cimmaron St. John book your ideal property. Whether you prefer a beachfront bungalow or a sprawling home to call your own, we’ll find the place that fits your taste and style. Contact us today to get started planning!