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St. John Post-Hurricane

Your thoughts and prayers are coming through!

A double rainbow 1 week after Irma!

It has been 8 weeks since the day life-as-we-know-it stood still on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. This is Robin Conro.  My husband Dave and I are co-owners of Cimmaron Property Management, Inc. (a/k/a CimmaronStJohn).  We have run our small business on St. John for over 15 years and consider the beautiful island our home.  Less than a month before Irma arrived, an article was published describing how we arrived on St. John and are pursuing our dream in paradise.

The day-to-day struggles on St. John following the passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria continue.  Communication as we’ve come to know it — phone, internet, postal service — has been sparse or non-existent.  As I write this afternoon, the outside temperature is a chilly 48 degrees.   My inability to communicate with anxious clients (villa owners and upcoming guests) from St. John was becoming overwhelming.  So, a week ago (October 27th), I arrived at my parents’ home in northeast Iowa in search of internet service.  And, of course, to give/receive reassuring hugs and let them know I had survived the storms!  Communication on the island is improving.  I will return on November 7th to test it out and set up our new office space with what we could salvage from the office that was destroyed.

Read an account of our personal Hurricane Irma experience as told by our dear friend, Bob Faucett.  He, along with his wife, weathered that first storm with Dave and me.  The four of us were at the home of other dear friends who were not on island, but whose St. John vacation home provided us (and continues to provide us) with a safehaven.

Our thanks to you!

For me, Dave, and other St. Johnians, our thankfulness for life and our determination to restore our island prevails!  We are fueled by your patience, understanding, and continuing thoughts and prayers as we work to restore our island and make it ready for visitors to return.  Check out the CimmaronStJohn website and start planning your trip!  We will keep you posted on the St. John post-hurricane progress and hope to be greeting you at the ferry dock soon!

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