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On Vacation, Go Where the Locals Know!

When you go traveling, you never quite know what you’re getting into. How will you know the best place to stay, the best places to eat, the best beaches to visit? It can feel like you’re always taking a chance. But who wants to take a chance when they’re planning their special vacation to paradise?

The best way to avoid all this uncertainty is to take your advice from the people who live in the place you’re visiting. Don’t put too much stock in random internet reviews of other visitors, who may or may not have been given the best advice themselves. Listen to the real experts, who are the locals living there!

When it comes to St. John vacationing, Cimmaron St. John is the local expert for you. As the ONLY locally-owned vacation rental company on the island, we’re perfectly poised to set you up for the best tropical vacation you can imagine. From amazing St John US Virgin Island rentals, to restaurant recommendations, to the friendliest tour companies, Cimmaron St. John is your one-stop-shop for island bliss.


Concierge Service for Your Every Need

We not only handpick the top homes in St John Virgin Islands for you, with the best amenities and neighborhoods. At Cimmaron St. John, we’re also committed to helping you arrange activities that suit your needs and desires. Our premium concierge service, included with all our St John US Virgin Island rentals, lives to do just that!

Want to try a local delicacy? We can direct you to the number-one spot on the island to taste it. How about a kayak lesson? We’ll find you the best teacher and equipment for your skill level. Looking for a great snorkeling spot? We can definitely help with that!

Cimmaron St. John can help connect you with anything you want to do during your stay in the US Virgin Islands. Whether you’re looking for a great hiking trail for an adventurous day, the perfect beach for young children, or the best live reggae music, our concierge service can help.


Book a Stay in Our St John US Virgin Island Rentals

When you ask a local, you’re sure to get an honest opinion, whether you’re asking about a beach, restaurant, or tour company. Life on a small island means everyone knows everyone else, so locals know who’s reputable, who provides great service, and which companies should be avoided. Since Cimmaron St. John is the ONLY local vacation rental company here, we have premium information. Go where the locals go: just ask Cimmaron St. John!

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