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Maho Bay

Learning to make the most of vacation often comes down to picking just the right destination. For those travelers looking for a small piece of paradise where beaches, surf, wildlife and swaying palm trees are always top of mind, there’s no place better on the map than the island of St. John. Part of a trio of land masses that make up the greater U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John is known and loved by travelers from across the globe for its scenic beauty, endless opportunities for indulging in flavor as well as it’s culture and art. While all of these features are fantastic, it may just be the hidden away natural landmarks that make the greatest impact. When you’re traveling to St. John and looking for a place that embodies the ultimate in natural beauty, look no further than a stop at Maho Bay.

Where Rest and Relaxation Reign

Maho Bay is undeniably home to some of St. John’s most beautiful beaches, making it a prime destination for those that love to soak up the sun, take to the waves and unwind with an unsurpassed view laid out before them. Maho Bay on St. John is saturated in sugar white sand, emerald foliage, palm trees, and seemingly endless horizon. If you happen to be arriving with a vehicle, convenient parking makes this a fun place to bring the entire family. Gentle surf and clear waters mean that those with a passion for snorkeling or swimming will be able to do so with a transparent view on the fish, coral and sea turtles that call these waters home as well.

Sensational Snorkeling at Maho Bay

Many snorkeling enthusiasts will immediately recognize the name Maho Bay on St. John for its reputation as a sensational underwater destination. Whether you stick to the east or western sides of the bay, this area makes for incredible exploration under the waves as you encounter ecosystems where conch, stingrays, sea turtles and so much more thrive. An array of tropical fish provides the sense that color is constantly swirling all around just below the surface. As an added bonus, the waters that make up Maho Bay are closely monitored and protected to make sure this is an experience that continues to be possible year over year.

Enjoy the Beauty of St. John

Vibrant, colorful and endlessly captivating, the island of St. John is a destination made to be enjoyed. When you’re here, let the team at Cimmaron St. John handle your vacation rental booking so you can focus on the fun! We’ll make sure you’re settled into a gorgeous property where convenience, quality, and comfort are always top of mind. Contact us today for more information and to begin planning your next adventure!
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