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Little Lameshur Bay

Don’t be fooled by its size, the island of St. John consistently ranks as one of the most popular of all the U.S. Virgin Islands to visit by travelers looking for a place packed with stunning scenic beauty. St. John embodies the ideal tropical destination with its many dramatic rock formations, fantastic foliage, beautiful beaches and fantastic flowers that help guests forget the stresses of everyday life in perfect island style. While many travelers are attracted to the island of St. John for swimming and snorkeling opportunities, others find their island state of mind through visiting the many restaurants, beaches, and stores that the island offers up. If you find yourself visiting St. John and looking for that one-of-a-kind destination that’s a bit off the beaten path, take some time to enjoy the tranquility waiting to be enjoyed at Little Lameshur Bay.

A Tropical Gem to be Discovered

Little Lameshur Bay is made up of gorgeous, rugged coastline easily identified by dramatic and rock-lined shores. It’s settled on the southern end of St. John and includes a collection of green hills and brilliant blue waters, making it a vibrant and scenic destination for those visitors who love to indulge in the view while capturing those moments on camera too. Those with a passion for hitting the waves by kayak or paddleboard will want to take advantage of an afternoon at Lameshur Bay as well. A popular snorkeling and diving destination, Little Lameshur Bay brings visitors face to face with underwater thrills unlike any other they’ve ever experienced before.

Fun to be Found Nearby

Little Lameshur Bay is a wonderful stop on its own, but it’s made that much better by its proximity to so many other intriguing destinations as well! For those who are craving time spent soaking up the sun from a sandy location, make your way 1.5 miles to nearby Lameshur Beach. This popular place is a great place for a family picnic and also provides a variety of boat access points for those looking to take to the water at higher speeds. History buffs have long made their way towards Little Lameshur Bay for the sugar mill ruins that remain on the bay’s west end. Little Lameshur Bay is also a beautiful point from which to depart on a day-long hike. Both Bordeaux Mountain Trail and Lameshur Bay Trail can be accessed from this area.
Bordeaux Mountain Trail

Adventure Awaits at Lameshur Bay

There’s never been a better time to head to St. John in the name of a well-deserved getaway. The team at Cimmaron St. John is here to make sure your vacation accommodations provide the comfort, luxury, and style you deserve from the moment you arrive. Contact us today to start planning your trip!
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