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Kiddel Bay

When it comes to finding some of the most pristine landscapes the Caribbean Sea offers up, there’s no place quite like the U.S. Virgin Islands. Travelers from across the globe are enamored with this collection of tropical gems for the incredible scenery, amazing wildlife and endless options for fun they provide. While each of these islands comes with its unique sense of excitement and style, St. John has the distinction of being the smallest, yet perhaps most beautiful of them all. Teeming with popular venues that are loved by visitors and locals alike, St. John is also an intriguing destination in the sense that there are a variety of off-the-beaten-path locales waiting to be explored as well. For those travelers with a sense of adventure, Kiddel Bay is one of the best places to spend some time while you’re here.

A Diving and Snorkeling Destination

Situated on the south side of the island of St. John, Kiddel Bay comes with the addition of pebbled beaches, making it a wonderful destination for those looking to avoid some of the large crowds found at St. John’s sandy white beach locations. This stretch of cobblestone and coral bits isn’t ideal for those with a passion for lounging the day away, but it’s the perfect access point to the water for those who crave an experience with the marine world below the surface. The waters that make up Kiddel Bay are home to a variety of stunning tropical fish, coral reef, tunnels and gorgeous. For those looking for a thrilling view, the underwater vantage point here is hard to beat. Keep your eyes open for a sea turtle or two as you snorkel and dive. Once you resurface, the breathtaking sights continue. Kiddel Bay on St. John is known and loved for its many dramatic rugged rocks that line the shore and make for a wonderful photo opportunity.

Kiddle Bay Snorkeling Activities

Once you’ve had your fill of underwater experiences, make the most of land-based excitement at Kiddel Bay by enjoying the foliage and floral collection that this area hosts. If your snorkeling and diving have left you famished, Kiddel Bay on St. John has plenty of food shacks and restaurants to cure any craving that might arise. Enjoy a drink, snack, and some traditional island fare before returning to the water where even more adventure awaits.

Bask in the Island Experience

St. John is an island for all-seasons meaning today is always the right day to make your way to this tropical destination. Let the team at Cimmaron St. John take care of your vacation accommodations while you’re here. We’re happy to help you find a gorgeous vacation home that comes with the luxury, quality, and comfort you deserve. Contact us today to start planning your next adventure in St. John!
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