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Cinnamon Bay Trail

Where flavor, scenery and tropical vibes collide, the island of St. John comes to life as one of the most well-loved vacation destinations around. Part of a sunny and sandy collection of islands that make up a spot in the Caribbean Sea, St. John has long been a destination worth traveling to when you’re looking for an idyllic tropical getaway to relax, unwind and find a new lease on life in style. Perfect for spending hours under the sun and on the sand, the island of St. John is also a hiker’s paradise. Between the waterfalls, jungle foliage and dramatic and rocky cliffsides, St. John has just what it takes to create a maze of intriguing, challenging and irresistible pathways to explore. While there are many choices when it comes to a tantalizing trek through St. John, Cinnamon Bay Trail often tops the favorites list.

Dynamic and Challenging Scenery

Just next to the Cinnamon Bay Campground, Cinnamon Bay Trail in St. John comes with its fair share of challenges that are perfect for hikers of all ages to enjoy. If you happen to be on a family getaway and camping at Cinnamon Bay Campground, this trail provides the perfect escape route into some of nature’s finest wonders. Hikers enjoy everything from tropical flowers and foliage to wildlife along their journey. Even more exciting for history buffs are the sugar mill ruins that dot the path. Telling a story of time, these historical landmarks never fail to intrigue hikers along the way.
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Preparing for Adventure on Cimmaron Bay Trail

When it comes time to take on Cinnamon Bay Trail in St. John, there’s always an option to extend the fun. The trail is a 1.9-mile out and back route that can be combined with a hike up Reef Bay Trail for a full day of hiking fun. The easiest way to access the trail is to arrive with a vehicle and park at the Cinnamon Bay Campground if you aren’t already settled there. For those travelers heading to St. John with their canine companion in tow, the Cinnamon Bay Trail is an amazing way to spend the day as dogs are allowed on the entirety of the trail as long as they are leashed.
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Make the Most of St. John

Hiking has a way of connecting travelers to nature and one another. When you’re visiting St. John to make the most of the many hiking trails, be sure you’ve booked an incredible vacation rental with Cimmaron St. John. We’ll keep you close to the fun while providing the comfort, respite and stylish accommodations you deserve while on vacation. Contact us today for more information and to begin planning!

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