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Outdoor Recreation

4 of the Best Places to Experience St. John Scuba Diving

With warm, crystal clear waters and amazing sights to be seen including caves, coral reefs, shipwrecks, and beautiful tropical fish, there is a whole underwater world just waiting to be explored when you go on a St. John scuba diving adventure. And there is plenty to explore! There are over a dozen St. John dive sites, including a few shared with the island of St. Thomas and the British Virgin Islands.  Diving...

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  BOOK YOUR ST JOHN RENTALS WITH LOCALS Staying at a Vacation Rental Home, especially St John rentals, has become one of the more popular options for vacation accommodations.  Most vacation destinations have a good selection of private homes and condominiums available as short term vacation rentals with price ranges to meet most budgets.  After deciding on your vacation destination, you then must determine the best way to book a private home...

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Things to do in St. John

Top Reasons to Book St. John Vacation This Fall

Mangroves, coral reefs, tropical fish and dolphin habitats are just the beginning of the incredible sights waiting to be seen when you book a trip to St. John. This beautiful destination is filled with bold colors, amazing wildlife and endless opportunities for adventure. Within the protected National Forests, stretches of white sand beaches and incredible options for dining, shopping and nearly everything in between, it’s not hard to see why...

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Things to do in St. John

Free entertainment at St John Restaurants with Open Mic Nights

All around the tiny island of St. John, you will find locals and visitors gathering together in fun and friendship. Some of the most popular get-togethers include free entertainment at Open Mic Nights featuring outstanding local musicians. Whether you want to join in as a musical artist or just relax, sit back and enjoy the show at these St John Island restaurants, you are in for a good time! Enjoy free entertainment...

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Outdoor Recreation

4 Trees Native to St John Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands National Park covers two-thirds of the tiny tropical island of St. John.  The wooded hillsides within the Park are home to over 400 species of trees.  Among them are the following four native trees rich in island ecology and St. John Virgin Islands folklore. St John Virgin Islands Trees Reflect Ecology and Folklore Mangrove Trees Mangroves are trees that live in saltwater or brackish water in mudflats near shorelines....

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Visit St. John’s Churches or Find Your Own Spot in Nature for Thanksgiving

The beauty of the tiny island of St. John is undeniable.  Many St. John visitors and local folks alike find a quiet walk along an empty beach, or watching the sun rising or setting over the sea, to be spiritual experiences.  In the United States Virgin Islands, St John’s churches are some of the oldest places of worship established. Early Places of Worship and St John’s Churches Emmaus Moravian Church in Coral...

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Outdoor Recreation

6 of the Best St. John Hiking Trails

Nothing sounds better than an afternoon lounging on St. John’s gorgeous beaches. But did you know that hiking is actually one of the most popular activities on St. John? St. John Island hiking trails offer adventurers of all skill levels views of the lush landscape, cascading waterfalls, rocky shorelines, and sandy stretches that capture the true essence of our island. The Virgin Islands National Park is actually home to over 20 trails worth exploring...

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US Virgin Islands

3 of the Best Things to Do in St. Thomas USVI During a Day Trip from St. John

There are so many amazing things to do in St. Thomas USVI during a day trip from St. John. From the Latin and Pacific Rim culinary infusion to turquoise waters for snorkeling and kayaking, the Virgin Islands offer the perfect vacation oasis. And when you stay in one of our luxurious CimmaronStJohn vacation rentals, you will have a private place in paradise during your stay! Enjoy incredible mountain top and bayside views on the smaller island of St....

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US Virgin Islands

Why Booking a Vacation Rental Home with a Professional Property Manager is Better Than an Online Travel Agent

When planning your St. John getaway, you want to receive a personalized experience that can help you determine the accommodations and itinerary that best works for you! Most large OTAs, such as Homeaway, VRBO, Airbnb, etc., will provide you with limited basic information on available St John Island vacation rental properties but they cannot give you that special personalized experience that can take your vacation to the next level! Most OTAs have...

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British Virgin Islands

5 Facts About the History of St. John That You Need to Know

The history of St. John, USVI, now home to CimmaronStJohn, goes all the way back to its fiery volcanic birth over 100 million years ago. The beginning stages of island formation started underwater, when the first volcanic flows were uplifted and exposed. Four other stages followed, until limestone and sediment eventually surfaced over an extended period of time. The first human inhabitants of the island didn’t appear until much later, however. The...

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