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Food and Drink

La Tapa St. John Is One of the Best Meals You Will Have

La Tapa St. John in downtown Cruz Bay began in 1996 with a small restaurant vibe, evolving over time into a traditional menu with appetizers and entrees along with the namesake variety of delectable tapas. The inviting island and French bistro charm has not left during the double decades, though, with tables still lining the streets and scrumptious menu options available as always. Exceptional service and fantastic experiences await along...

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Food and Drink

Refreshing Blue Chair Bay Summer Cocktail Recipes

Summer Cocktails featuring Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum   CimmaronStJohn is always looking for refreshing summer cocktails recipes to share with our friends and guests on St. John.  We recently posted a YouTube video on our Facebook page showing an old 2005 interview with one of our favorite St. John ambassadors, Kenny Chesney. When asked what a typical day in the islands was like for him, part of his response was:  “I’ve got...

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Your Ultimate Guide to Coral Bay St. John

St. John Coral Bay is a favorite destination on our Caribbean island. This flourishing area features a variety of relaxing beaches and delicious restaurants. Yet, it is a little quieter and more secluded than the bustling main village of Cruz Bay. When visiting St. John Coral Bay, you will discover gorgeous hills overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Along with sailors who live on their boats in the Coral Bay St. John harbor,...

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Food and Drink

5 of the Best St. John Rum Drinks

There are many reasons that visitors flock to the Virgin Islands each and every year. However, at the top of the list is a thirst for relaxation and rejuvenation. St. John provides a variety of opportunities to do just that, from sprawling white sand beaches to laid-back bars stocked with St. John rum and flavorful island cocktails. Whether you’re looking to spend your vacation days soaking up the sun with...

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Food and Drink

3 Reasons Why St. John’s Nightlife is the Best

St. John is an ideal year-round Caribbean destination, featuring sandy white beaches, crystal clear waters, and that much sought-after island time. When planning your trip, you might take note of all the beaches, historic attractions, and potential tours and hikes to enjoy. However, there is also a great St. John nightlife to extend your fun into the evening. Whether you’re looking for karaoke or a cozy nook to enjoy a...

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Food and Drink

Why You Need to Eat Caribbean Cuisine at Miss Lucy’s St. John

There are many different restaurants on the island of St. John that offer some incredible seafood entrees and truly delicious Caribbean fare. However, Miss Lucy’s St. John offers all that along with seaside dining. The variety you will discover on the menu is a testament to the blend of old St. John favorites with fresh and flavorful modern classics. Take in the waterfront sights of Friis Bay as you indulge in your...

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Food and Drink

3 of the Best St. John Bars

When you arrive on beautiful St. John, you’re officially on island time! That means you have to leave all your stresses and worries behind and engage in the lifestyle of paradise. Lounging on the beach for a sunny morning nap, sipping a delicious cocktail during lunch, and relaxing with the ocean view at your private CimmaronStJohn vacation home are just a few ways to start your vacation off right. One of the...

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Food and Drink

St. John Brewers is the Best St. John Brewery to Have Fun

St. John Brewers is the only microbrewery on St. John! Featuring a restaurant along with a tap room that showcases the St John brewery’s popular beverages, St. John Brewers is a great destination for a drink and some fun during your stay with CimmaronStJohn. The doors are open from 11am to midnight Monday through Saturday and noon to midnight on Sunday. A full bar is available for the beer and non-beer drinkers...

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Food and Drink

Here are 5 of the Best Restaurants in Coral Bay

St. John is full of beautiful views and exciting attractions, including the resort-style villas available at CimmaronStJohn, but it is also home to some truly delicious and picturesque restaurants that are awaiting your palate. There are some great restaurants in Coral Bay that feature a great blend of spectacular scenery, live music, and yummy tropical drinks. If you’re looking for the best casual beach dining, we’ve got you covered. Here are...

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We Know Where to Eat in St. John: Here are 8 of the Best

Here at CimmaronStJohn in the beautiful Virgin Islands, we are surrounded by gorgeous beaches, calming waters, and beckoning sunshine. We’re also surrounded by some pretty delectable restaurants. Where to eat in St. John might be the last thing on your mind, with your focus on white sandy beaches, watersports, and island exploration. However, you will get hungry after a morning in the sun and on the water. If you’re wondering where...

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