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British Virgin Islands

5 Reasons St. John Virgin Islands is Canada’s Favorite Vacation Destination

No matter where you call home on the map, the island of St. John is bound to be a captivating destination. Of all three U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John is perhaps packed with the most flavor, color, scenery, entertainment and natural beauty imaginable. From turquoise waves to white sand beaches, there are as many reasons to travel this direction as views. However, if you happen to hail from Canada, there’s...

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British Virgin Islands

5 Facts About the History of St. John That You Need to Know

The history of St. John, USVI, now home to CimmaronStJohn, goes all the way back to its fiery volcanic birth over 100 million years ago. The beginning stages of island formation started underwater, when the first volcanic flows were uplifted and exposed. Four other stages followed, until limestone and sediment eventually surfaced over an extended period of time. The first human inhabitants of the island didn’t appear until much later, however. The...

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British Virgin Islands

Some of the Best St. John Excursions to the British Virgin Islands

St. John is a slice of paradise in the Caribbean, surrounded by crystal clear waters, warm temperatures throughout the year, and plenty of oceanfront wildlife for nature lovers. There are many St. John excursions to enjoy on the island, from boat charters and sailing expeditions to scuba excursions and snorkel adventures. St. John shore excursions and St. John cruises are quite popular. However, closeby are many hidden gems that deserve your attention as...

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