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Bordeaux Mountain Trail

The landscape of the island of St. John is filled to the brim with mountains, jungle, and shoreline that have long captivated the minds and imaginations of travelers to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Those with a heart for outdoor adventure find this vacation destination just as wonderful for lounging on the beach as it is for taking to the many trails that maze across its terrain. Whether you’re a novice hiker or an outdoor enthusiast looking for a new challenge when it comes to trekking, St. John provides the pathways that cut through waterfalls, ruins, and access to wildlife that you’ve been craving. While there are several trails worth trying out, Bordeaux Mountain Trail should always top the list of adventures waiting to be had.

Take to the Trail with Enthusiasm

Both the beauty and thrill of a trek along Bordeaux Mountain Trail lies in its location within the heart of the Virgin Islands National Park. This scenic and serene pathway provides hikers with unsurpassed views, rocky terrain, and picturesque vantage points that beg to be photographed upon arrival. Exciting elevation changes carry you on foot from rocky paths to views of the brilliant blue sea below with only a short distance between the two. Lameshur Bay is a stunning sight from above and one that hikers are thrilled to encounter from one of the best St. John trails.

Preparing for Your Adventure on St. John Trails

While the Bordeaux Mountain Trail is accessible to hikers of all ages and abilities, it’s steep and rocky terrain makes it more suitable for semi-experienced to advanced hikers and the proper footwear is always required to take on this challenging path. When you’re planning on hiking the Bordeaux Mountain Trail, be sure to take plenty of water for the journey as this path is short on shade until you reach the summit. Head out early in the morning to avoid the crowds that inevitably flood the trail during high tourism season and especially mid-day. Canine companions are more than welcome on the trail as long as they are leashed for your exciting hike.
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