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Reef Bay Trail

When the everyday stresses of life begin to pile up and it’s time to find a way to relax in style, the island of St. John is waiting to welcome you. This pristine piece of paradise tucked into the Caribbean Sea has a little bit of everything you could possibly imagine when it comes to scenic views, amazing wildlife and opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest. Where palm trees sway in the breeze, marine mammals thrive and restaurants abound, St. John comes to life in tropical style. For those that love to spend time on vacation soaking up the sun, St. John provides a seemingly endless number of beautiful beaches to enjoy. Those that come with hiking at the top of their to-do list will want to make sure to put Reef Bay Trail on their itinerary.

An Effort with an Amazing Reward

Hiking enthusiasts will find just the right balance of challenge and reward when they take to Reef Bay Trail on the island of St. John. It’s rugged terrain and unbeatable vistas make this trail one worth trekking every visit you make to this beautiful destination. Access Reef Bay Trail on St. John just east of Cruz Bay at Centerline Road. Hikers can expect a series of steep inclines and difficult pathway as they maneuver the 3-mile route.

Captivating Trail Scenery on Reef Bay Trail

An array of captivating sounds, sights, and views are promised to hikers who take time to accept the challenge presented by Reef Bay Trail on St. John. Freshwater pools dot the path and are home to a fun variety of frogs and fish that make for a great photo stop along the way. Hikers that simultaneously possess a heart for history will appreciate the petroglyphs they’ll stumble upon. Even more exciting is the fact that many experts place these petroglyphs back nearly 1,000 years in the past. If it’s waterfalls you seek, Reef Bay Trail never disappoints. Hikers are thrilled to discover the 40-foot cascade that awaits them which is also frequented by an impressive number of hummingbirds. Continue past the waterfall to make the most of the sugar mill ruins that still stand on this trail.

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Taking on the many trails offered up on the island of St. John will earn you a well-deserved rest each and every night. Be sure your vacation rental is booked with Cimmaron St. John to ensure your home away from home is as comfortable, luxurious and convenient as you deserve. Contact us for more information and to begin planning your next trip!

Find Yourself on the Reef Bay Trail

During your next stay with us here at CimmaronStJohn, plan to spend one of your days hiking the trails at the Virgin Islands National Park.  This incredible park is home to more than 20 trails, including the 3-mile Reef Bay Trail, a must-see attraction!  With its steep and rocky terrain, Reef Bay Trail is one of the park’s most difficult yet rewarding journeys. It will be a challenge for even the avid hikers of the group but a worthwhile adventure. After conquering the trail, finish your hike with a dip in the ocean at Reef Bay Beach. You have the makings of a pretty perfect day!

To discover more amazing hiking trails on St. John, download our free app! It will give you the best recommendations on where to explore outdoors during your vacation stay in paradise, including the Reef Bay Trail.

Reef Bay Trail is a Historic and Scenic Hike

One of the great things about the Reef Bay Trail is the history to be discovered during your trek. Be on the lookout for the Taino petroglyphs at the base of the waterfall. These historic carvings are from over 1,000 years ago! These intriguing carvings are thought to represent the symbol for water because of their placement near the reflection pool. Also, be on the lookout for the sugar cane plantation ruins. These ruins can be found slightly off the main trail and include several unique areas of interest, including the historic Great House. Right before the beach at the end of the trail, you’ll see the Reef Bay Sugar Mill. This was the last sugar cane operation to close in the Virgin Islands. Walk inside the old rooms in the Sugar Mill to observe the same steam engine and containers where the sugar was originally stored.

Challenging Yet Rewarding

The Reef Bay Trail is a challenging yet rewarding hike that begins on Centerline Road.  The entrance is just 4.9 miles from Cruz Bay and conveniently close to our Blue Coral Condo and Bliss at Cruz Views Condo. Your hiking adventures will be much better with your vacation home closeby to retreat to for a nice bath or massage afterward. The Reef Bay Trail If you choose to hike back up once you’ve reached the end, the return is all uphill, so be prepared. Appropriate hiking shoes are a must on this trail as there is a drop that goes from 900 feet to sea level in just 2 miles. If you only want to hike down to the beach portion of the trail, the Sadie Sea Charter will pick you up and take you back to Cruz Bay. 

We hope that you discover something about yourself and your place in nature during your Reef Bay Trail hike!

Park Ranger Guided Experience

To experience the Reef Bay Trail with a group, check out the Park Ranger Guided Experience. A group of 30 hikers will explore the trail together with the guidance of a Park Ranger to explain the history and other various features of the trail. Depending on the amount of rain when you visit, you could see a cascade of water rushing down a 40-foot waterfall at one point on the trail. The fresh water pools around this area are home to shrimp, frogs, fish, and other unique island creatures. You’ll also spot many deer and hermit crabs that inhabit the area. Other interesting sites to see are the large termite nests, land crabs, and bats. The trail also has signs with information about the trees that grow along the trail including the West Indian Locust tree and the Silk Cotton tree.

Be sure to make Reef Bay Trail hike reservations in advance! These trips tend to fill up quickly. Our CimmaronStJohn Concierge Team will be happy to help with arrangements.

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It is no wonder the Reef Bay Trail has been voted in the top 10 best hikes in the Caribbean by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. The views are breathtaking and worth every step. Speaking of views, here at CimmaronStJohn, we have vacation villas and condo rentals (many with excellent views) that provide the perfect spot to unwind after a long day on the trails.  For over 15 years, guests have been relaxing in our beachfront properties and soaking up plenty of sunshine. For information about how to get to St. John and what we properties have available, visit our website to get started and give us a call at 1-340-715-2666.