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Scenic beauty may very well be the definition of the island of St. John. This gem of a locale nestled into the Caribbean Sea is part of a trio of islands that comes complete with gorgeous landscapes and thrilling terrain that has long called out to travelers from across the globe. From white sand beaches to turquoise waves and the foliage and flowers that dot the space in between, the mountains and hills of St. John are a captivating combination that’s hard to resist. Putting St. John a step above the rest is the fact that two-thirds of the island is a designated national park. Protected and preserved in pristine beauty, the Virgin Islands National Park is an oasis of thriving ecosystems that should definitely be experienced when you’re here to relax and unwind in style.

The Very Best of Nature Preserved

St. John is a getaway destination that calls to visitors to make the most of the sand and sun. While there’s ample opportunity to soak up the sun’s rays while lounging seaside, a visit to the US Virgin Islands National Park is one you won’t want to miss out on. As tourism and climate change leaves its mark, this national park’s purpose to preserve the natural history and ecosystems of the island is more important than ever. The story of inhabited St. John reaches back nearly 3,000 years into the past and the construction and maintenance of Virgin Islands National Park work to ensure that this history continues on for years to come.

Where Nature and Populations Collide

US Virgin Islands National Park consists of everything from coral reef systems to beaches and sugar mill ruins that speak to a fascinating architectural and economic island past. The park itself sprawls over 7,259 acres and creates a habitat for over 800 species of local plants. The waters that are embodied by the park are home to sea turtles and dolphins while the air belongs to migratory birds. When it comes to some of St. John’s most beautiful and popular beach destinations, many travelers are surprised to learn that they too fall within the jurisdiction of the park. Those who go to enjoy Cinnamon Bay Beach, Hawksnest Beach and Trunk Bay Beach will find themselves right in the heart of this protected land.

Enjoy St. John and Virgin Island National Park

Making the most of your time in St. John means having vacation accommodations to match your expectations. The team at Cimmaron St. John is here to make sure you’re booked into a beautiful vacation rental that keeps you close to those areas of the island you’re excited to explore! Contact us today for more information and to begin planning your tropical trip!

How to Enjoy a Day at Virgin Islands National Park

When your travels bring you to the island of St. John, you must spend a day exploring the Virgin Islands National Park.  The park sees over 500,000 visitors each year and covers two-thirds of the tiny 9×4 mile island.  The Virgin Islands National Park is home to over 20 hiking trails, an enthralling plantation history, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Enjoy a day at the Virgin Islands National Park beaches relaxing under breezy palms. Or be adventurous and go snorkeling in the crystal clear ocean water after hiking a trail. Whatever you decide to do, this stunning park is sure to be a significant part of your St. John vacation!For more information on the Virgin Islands National Park and other recreational areas on the island, view our Activities Guide. It features some of our recommendations at CimmaronStJohn of the best places to visit during your vacation!

Virgin Islands National Park History

Uncover the past during your visit to the Virgin Islands National Park.  The park is home to Annaberg Plantation and Reef Bay Sugar Mill, both of which are open to the public. Annaberg Plantation was one of the largest sugar plantations on the island of St. John. At this premier historic site, you will find a trail that leads to the slave quarters, the windmill, and other pieces of the factory. Tuesday through Friday, visitors are allowed to participate in activities at the plantation, including basket weaving and making “dumb bread.”  Along the Reef Bay Trail, you will see the Reef Bay Sugar Plantation.  These remains are very well preserved and show how the sugar factory operated.

Virgin Islands National Park Hiking

If you hike any of the trails on the Virgin Islands National Park map, then hike the Reef Bay Trail. Along this gorgeous 3-mile trail, you’ll see freshwater pools, lush forest landscape, and a 40-foot waterfall complete with petroglyphs dating back over 1,000 years ago.  Contact the Virgin Islands National Park to make arrangements for a guided tour, including a boat to pick you up at the trail’s end following a swim at the beach at Reef Bay. To hike to the highest point on the island at 1,277 feet above sea level, check out the Bordeaux Mountain Trail.  Along the trail at the intersection of Centerline Road and Bordeaux Mountain, you’ll find a breathtaking view.

Trunk Bay Beach

Trunk Bay Beach has been named one of the 10 best beaches in the world by Conde Nast Traveler magazine.  And for good reason! With its crystal clear waters and white sandy shorelines, it is no wonder this is a hot spot on St. John.  A highlight at Trunk Bay is the 225-yard long underwater snorkeling trail.  You will also discover some great amenities here. There are chair rentals, watersport equipment rentals, and a snack bar.  Admission to Virgin Islands National Park is free. However, there is a $5 fee to enter Trunk Bay Beach for the day.

After Exploring, Settle Into Your Private Vacation Home!

Whether you like to relax on the beach or stay on the move by hiking and snorkeling, you’ll enjoy a day spent at the Virgin Islands National Park. After all that fun in the sun, you’ll need a place to unwind on your vacation getaway. Here at CimmaronStJohn, we have luxurious vacation rentals ranging from a studio condo to a 6-bedroom villa, all with amazing ocean vistas. We are there every step of the way when planning your trip to St. John. From your arrival at the airport to helping you plan all the fun activities St. John has to offer, our Guest Services team is here to help.  For more information on how to start planning your trip to St. John, contact us at 340-715-2666.  We look forward to hosting you here in paradise!

The land-based opportunities for fun and excitement are seemingly endless for travelers making their way to the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John. This scenic and sensational locale offers up a plethora of options for shopping, dining and making the most of island entertainment while you’re here. However, there’s something special about making the most of time spent face to face with nature’s most pristine landmarks. For those travelers who find their passion within the many waterways and shorelines that surround St. John, there’s no place more intriguing than Waterlemon Cay. Beautiful, pristine and holding promises of thrills, this is a destination you won’t want to miss out on while you’re here.

A Pristine Place to Linger

Travelers who come to St. John with a heart for snorkeling adventures will have most likely heard of Waterlemon Cay prior to their arrival. This gorgeous piece of the island of St. John is as notorious for its scenic beauty as it is the underwater opportunities and views it provides snorkelers. This is due in large part to its crystal-clear waters that open up a window on the marine world that’s quite unlike any other on the map. Snorkeling in Waterlemon Cay on St. John is an experience in multiple encounters with seagrass, captivating coral reef, beautiful tropical fish and a variety of sea turtles too. As part of the Virgin Island National Park, Waterlemon Cay enjoys the privilege of ecosystem protection, providing snorkelers with an authentic look at underwater communities in the way nature intended them to remain. Keep your eyes open for stingrays and conch that also call this body of water home.

A Vibrant Visit at Waterlemon Cay

Waterlemon Cay on St. John is most easily accessed by following a western route away from Cruz Bay using Route 20 as a guide. Signs for Maho Beach and Caneel Bay Resort mean you’re heading the right direction. Parking is provided with only a short walk necessary from car to trail to begin the on-foot journey to Waterlemon Cay. Whether you spend the day or just a few hours here, the views you’ll find are sure to stick with you for a lifetime.

A Beautiful Stay on the Island

There’s never been a better time to book a trip to the island of St. John. Whether you come for the culture, flavor or fantastic scenery, it’s a destination that’s sure to please. Make sure you have an amazing place to stay during your travels by booking a vacation rental with Cimmaron St. John. Contact us today for more information on our many options and to begin planning!

Plan an Amazing Snorkeling Adventure at Waterlemon Cay

Waterlemon (not Watermelon) Cay, a top location for snorkeling on St. John, is a favorite destination for visitors in St. John. Waterlemon Cay snorkeling features aqua blue waters, beautiful sea grass, and large orange and yellow starfish. You will most likely see a green sea turtle or ray gliding along beneath the surface as you make your way through the crystal clear water.  Located off Leinster Bay, a trip to Waterlemon Cay is also a great hiking destination. There are some wonderful paths leading to the bay that will take you through the surrounding tropical vegetation. Make Waterlemon Cay your top to-do during your stay with CimmaronStJohn! Here are some more incredible features and ideas for planning your snorkeling adventure in Waterlemon Cay.

Hiking Waterlemon Cay

To get to secluded Waterlemon Cay, you will have to go on a 20-minute walk from the parking area at the Annaberg Plantation ruins. The view along the way, though, is entirely spectacular. You won’t want the beautiful scenery to end! If you’re looking for more of a guided tour experience, then try Virgin Islands Ecotours. They offer an adventure that includes visiting the Annaberg Plantation, Waterlemon Cay, and Leinster Bay. You will enjoy both hiking and snorkeling on this five-hour tour with lunch! Explore ruins and learn about history before venturing through a portion of the national park to reach Waterlemon Cay. During your hiking excursion, you can enjoy a picnic lunch on a hill overlooking the scenic north shore.

Snorkeling Waterlemon Cay

Once you arrive at Waterlemon Cay, the bay area is quite calm with few waves, making it an ideal location for snorkeling. Here, you will discover a shallow reef, a variety of fish, and the opportunities to spot some incredible wildlife, such as turtles, rays, and starfish. On the north shore of St. John, Waterlemon Cay offers the best reef to explore on the far side of the island. While planning your snorkeling adventure, be sure to bring your gear and use the buddy system for your swim.

The Swim

There are two different swims that you can choose from while beginning your snorkeling escapade. The longer swim begins from Waterlemon Cay and goes out to the distant island and back. This swim is about three-quarters of a mile and will include sea grass beds, where turtles often hide. The shorter swim is just a quarter of a mile along the rocky shoreline of Waterlemon Cay. You won’t see quite as many creatures, but you can stay close to the island this way. If you are a strong swimmer, enjoy the circumnavigation swim around Waterlemon Cay – probably the best snorkeling on St. John!  (Caution:  There is often an offshore current around Waterlemon, especially on the western side, which will be stronger during new and full moons.)

Snorkeling Havens

If you’re looking for specific spots to snorkel in the cay, consider one (or all) of the three main areas to explore. In front of the beach are some great sea grass beds, where the turtles and starfish will be. If you head out past the rocky point, you will see an area on the right side of the beach close to the shore with many fish, sponges, and coral. This is another great sightseeing venture. Watch for Peacock Flounders! If you choose to snorkel all around the island, go counter clockwise. That way, you will swim with the wind and wave direction. The outside of the island offers all the reef life, including some beautiful, colorful corals.

Stay at Cimmaron St John

After your snorkeling adventures in Waterlemon Cay, retreat to your beautiful CimmaronStJohn vacation villa and relax with ocean views. Take a dip in the pool or lounge in the hot tub (available at most of our vacation homes). We hope you enjoy our luxurious accommodations and have a wonderful vacation on our gorgeous island! Remember, we are available to assist you in all your St. John activities and have a handy Arrival Guide to help you get here!

With warm, crystal clear waters and amazing sights to be seen including caves, coral reefs, shipwrecks, and beautiful tropical fish, there is a whole underwater world just waiting to be explored when you go on a St. John scuba diving adventure. And there is plenty to explore! There are over a dozen St. John dive sites, including a few shared with the island of St. Thomas and the British Virgin Islands.  Diving in the U.S. Virgin Islands is ideal for both beginners and experienced scuba divers looking for a new perspective.  Check out this list of the 5 best places to experience St. John scuba diving!

For more information on outdoor activities you can enjoy during your CimmaronStJohn vacation, read about our recommended local eco-tours and water sport outfitters ! You will love St. John scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, and other exciting escapades.

Step 1: Get Certified for St. John Scuba Diving

One thing to remember for St. John scuba diving is that you do need to be a certified diver.  If you are not certified, check out a dive with Low Key Watersports and their Discover Scuba Dive.  Low Key Watersports in St. John offers inexperienced divers an instructional introductory course and then a shallow dive with one of their instructors.  Participants must be at least 10 years old to dive.

Wreck of the Rhone

Known as one of the best wreck dives in the Caribbean, the Wreck of the Rhone is a popular, historic dive near St. John.  The Rhone was a 367-foot merchantman sail-steamer that sank in 1867 as the result of a hurricane.  Now, this dive spot can be found in the calm waters of Salt Cay.  Movie goers will also recognize this location as the site of where The Deep was filmed.

Carval Rock

On the western tip of St. John is Carval Rock.  This dive boasts incredible views of tropical fish, including sharks and steep rock formations in up to 80 feet of water.  Because of the strong currents at Carval Rock, beginner divers should probably steer clear of this specific dive.

Congo Cay

Head west from Carval Rock and explore the many grottoes of Congo Cay.  The combination of soft coral and the abundant amount of reef fish make Congo Cay a feast for the eyes.  One particularly great thing about Congo Cay is that there are shallow areas for beginners as well as deeper crevices.  Divers should be able to see not only tropical fish but turtles and sharks as well. There are also ancient Taino rock carvings at Congo Cay alongside a freshwater pool in the Reef Bay Valley, if you’re looking for a land adventure as well!

Grass Cay

One wonderful area to experience St. John scuba diving is Grass Cay.  Grass Cay is a hot spot for adventurous divers who want to experience night diving.  After the sun sets, lobsters, crabs, and octopus make appearances that are rare during the daytime hours.  Grass Cay is worth the trip for the array of sea life found in this beautiful location!

Where To Get Your Gear

While you’re on vacation, there is no need to bring all of your diving equipment. Both Low Key Watersports and Cruz Bay Watersports in St. John have scheduled dives that include all equipment with the exception of the wetsuit.  With dives departing daily, Cruz Bay Watersports offers a Two-Tank Morning Dive.  This opportunity features two dive locations with 45 minutes spent at each destination.  Cruz Bay Watersports also offers a night dive perfect for beginners.

Return to Your Private Vacation Home

After a day spent experiencing St. John scuba diving, you’ll need the perfect spot to kick back, relax, and enjoy the sea breeze.  Here at CimmaronStJohn, we have everything from a scenic two-bedroom condo to a gorgeous 6-bedroom villa to make your vacation dreams come true. Let us help plan your trip to our beautiful island!  Just call us at 340-715-2666 to get started on your amazing vacation in the Virgin Islands.

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There’s no reason to wait when it comes to booking your ideal tropical getaway. The island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands provides the ultimate vacation destination when it comes to flavor, color, scenery, and captivating wildlife too! Enjoy the pristine views that are an inevitable result of the combination of white sand beaches, emerald palm trees, lush forest, and waterfalls. Whether you prefer to spend time lounging on the sand and under the sun or crave encounters with culture and art, St. John has a little something for everyone. For those travelers with a heart for exploring the best of creative stops during vacation, Mongoose Junction promises to be a hot spot on any St. John itinerary.

A Stylish Excursion at Mongoose Junction

When it comes to entertainment, dining, and shopping in island style, there’s no place better to do it all than Mongoose Junction. Situated near Cruz Bay, Mongoose Junction on St. John finds itself in a vibrant and exciting neighborhood, making it the ideal place to swing by for travelers looking to indulge in some shopping and savory delights. Mongoose Junction is an eclectic collection of galleries, shops, and restaurants that are housed within a gorgeous stone and mahogany framework. The architecture of this area is as impressive as the goods held inside. Meticulously designed by Glen Speer, this oasis of shopping and dining speaks to a style that has graced St. John since the 1800s. To complete the dazzling look of Mongoose Junction, guests here will enjoy an array of flowers and foliage strategically placed to provide balance and beauty.  

A Great Place to Start Your Island Adventure

If you’ve just arrived in St. John, be sure to begin your adventures at Mongoose Junction. This bustling center is filled with tour providers who are happy to help give advice and help you book excursions for the remainder of your trip. Once the planning is done, take time to unwind in one of the many lush courtyards with something savory in hand. Once your energy is restored, plan on spending a few hours browsing the many souvenir shops, jewelry stores and fun locales featuring island-specific apparel. Live music is common at Mongoose Junction on St. John when the sun sets each and every night. When you’re hoping to end your evening on a sweet note, take advantage of the many ice cream shops that dot this area too!

The Island is Waiting

St. John is an amazing destination and your experience here is made that much more memorable when you book into a gorgeous vacation rental with Cimmaron St. John. Our team of professionals is dedicated to making sure each of our guests enjoys a customized, comfortable and luxurious experience from the moment they arrive. Contact our office today for more information and to begin planning!

Why You Need to Celebrate the Holidays at Mongoose Junction

Mongoose Junction is the premier place to go shopping on St. John. The beautiful, historic architecture and local galleries, restaurants, and stores within the shopping center are all reasons to visit. During your stay with CimmaronStJohn, find some truly one-of-a-kind souvenirs and gifts to bring back home at Mongoose Junction. You might find some great outfits to wear during vacation or island art to hang up back at your house. There are plenty of other trinkets and artistic creations to pack in your suitcase and keep as memories. You will also discover some delicious food at Mongoose Junction. Choose from a variety of eateries to crave your shop ‘til you drop hunger. Also, be sure to visit Mongoose Junction around the holidays, when they offer some fantastic, fun events!Find out more about all of the great shops, restaurants, and galleries near your CimmaronStJohn vacation rental when you read our St. John attractions guide. It’s full of the best recommendations for things to see and do like enjoying a day at Mongoose Junction.

Mongoose Junction Architecture & Atmosphere

The design of this beautiful shopping center was inspired by the Danish plantations of the 1800s. It incorporates local stone, brick, and coral and has a stunning landscape of lush, tropical plants. The stone and mahogany facade is a wonderful artistic setting for a wide range of shops and galleries. Discover unique island finds amid the gorgeous open-air courtyards, and feel as though you are taking a step back in time as you wander the buildings.

Shopping at Mongoose Junction

When you go shopping at Mongoose Junction, you will discover a variety of local stores for your souvenirs and gifts. Find T-shirts and surfwear at Big Planet or find a perfect Caribbean-inspired date night outfit at Bamboula. Browse Bajo El Sol or Caravan Gallery for some local artwork or stock up on keepsakes at Sugar Birds or Nest & Co. Get great glassware, tumblers, and koozies at St. John Brewers Brewtique. And top it all off with some hand-crafted jewelry at R&I Patton Goldsmithing.

Dining at Mongoose Junction

There are some delectable options for dining at Mongoose Junction. Enjoy great frozen drinks, smoothies, and St. John cocktails at the Gecko Gazebo Bar. Grab a sandwich made with slow-roasted meat for lunch at the North Shore Deli. Lounge in the spacious courtyard at Sun Dog Cafe, or enjoy a romantic, contemporary meal at Ocean Grill. Viva La Revolution Cantina brings a fresh approach to Mexican Dining, while The Tap Room serves locally brewed beers and sodas for a cool refreshment. Top off your meal with some homemade ice cream from St. John Scoops!

Mongoose Junction Holiday Events

The holidays are a wonderful occasion to celebrate, and we love to celebrate here on St. John! At Mongoose Junction, you will discover some great festivities. You can trick-or-treat here on Halloween each year to stock up on candy. You can also enjoy some Christmas festivities. All are welcome to attend the Mongoose Junction All-Island Holiday Party that we locals like to call “The Prom.” This December gala features a night of drinking, laughing, and dancing to live reggae music in our “winter” weather.

Stay with CimmaronStJohn

Our private luxury vacation homes make great getaways on St. John. Escape the cold weather or revel in the heat of summer with a visit to our gorgeous island. We want you to experience our little slice of paradise!

When the everyday stresses of life begin to pile up and it’s time to find a way to relax in style, the island of St. John is waiting to welcome you. This pristine piece of paradise tucked into the Caribbean Sea has a little bit of everything you could possibly imagine when it comes to scenic views, amazing wildlife and opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest. Where palm trees sway in the breeze, marine mammals thrive and restaurants abound, St. John comes to life in tropical style. For those that love to spend time on vacation soaking up the sun, St. John provides a seemingly endless number of beautiful beaches to enjoy. Those that come with hiking at the top of their to-do list will want to make sure to put Reef Bay Trail on their itinerary.

An Effort with an Amazing Reward

Hiking enthusiasts will find just the right balance of challenge and reward when they take to Reef Bay Trail on the island of St. John. It’s rugged terrain and unbeatable vistas make this trail one worth trekking every visit you make to this beautiful destination. Access Reef Bay Trail on St. John just east of Cruz Bay at Centerline Road. Hikers can expect a series of steep inclines and difficult pathway as they maneuver the 3-mile route.

Captivating Trail Scenery on Reef Bay Trail

An array of captivating sounds, sights, and views are promised to hikers who take time to accept the challenge presented by Reef Bay Trail on St. John. Freshwater pools dot the path and are home to a fun variety of frogs and fish that make for a great photo stop along the way. Hikers that simultaneously possess a heart for history will appreciate the petroglyphs they’ll stumble upon. Even more exciting is the fact that many experts place these petroglyphs back nearly 1,000 years in the past. If it’s waterfalls you seek, Reef Bay Trail never disappoints. Hikers are thrilled to discover the 40-foot cascade that awaits them which is also frequented by an impressive number of hummingbirds. Continue past the waterfall to make the most of the sugar mill ruins that still stand on this trail.

Book a Beautiful Stay Today

Taking on the many trails offered up on the island of St. John will earn you a well-deserved rest each and every night. Be sure your vacation rental is booked with Cimmaron St. John to ensure your home away from home is as comfortable, luxurious and convenient as you deserve. Contact us for more information and to begin planning your next trip!

Find Yourself on the Reef Bay Trail

During your next stay with us here at CimmaronStJohn, plan to spend one of your days hiking the trails at the Virgin Islands National Park.  This incredible park is home to more than 20 trails, including the 3-mile Reef Bay Trail, a must-see attraction!  With its steep and rocky terrain, Reef Bay Trail is one of the park’s most difficult yet rewarding journeys. It will be a challenge for even the avid hikers of the group but a worthwhile adventure. After conquering the trail, finish your hike with a dip in the ocean at Reef Bay Beach. You have the makings of a pretty perfect day!To discover more amazing hiking trails on St. John, download our free app! It will give you the best recommendations on where to explore outdoors during your vacation stay in paradise, including the Reef Bay Trail.

Reef Bay Trail is a Historic and Scenic Hike

One of the great things about the Reef Bay Trail is the history to be discovered during your trek. Be on the lookout for the Taino petroglyphs at the base of the waterfall. These historic carvings are from over 1,000 years ago! These intriguing carvings are thought to represent the symbol for water because of their placement near the reflection pool. Also, be on the lookout for the sugar cane plantation ruins. These ruins can be found slightly off the main trail and include several unique areas of interest, including the historic Great House. Right before the beach at the end of the trail, you’ll see the Reef Bay Sugar Mill. This was the last sugar cane operation to close in the Virgin Islands. Walk inside the old rooms in the Sugar Mill to observe the same steam engine and containers where the sugar was originally stored.

Challenging Yet Rewarding

The Reef Bay Trail is a challenging yet rewarding hike that begins on Centerline Road.  The entrance is just 4.9 miles from Cruz Bay and conveniently close to our Blue Coral Condo and Bliss at Cruz Views Condo. Your hiking adventures will be much better with your vacation home closeby to retreat to for a nice bath or massage afterward. The Reef Bay Trail If you choose to hike back up once you’ve reached the end, the return is all uphill, so be prepared. Appropriate hiking shoes are a must on this trail as there is a drop that goes from 900 feet to sea level in just 2 miles. If you only want to hike down to the beach portion of the trail, the Sadie Sea Charter will pick you up and take you back to Cruz Bay.

We hope that you discover something about yourself and your place in nature during your Reef Bay Trail hike!

Park Ranger Guided Experience

To experience the Reef Bay Trail with a group, check out the Park Ranger Guided Experience. A group of 30 hikers will explore the trail together with the guidance of a Park Ranger to explain the history and other various features of the trail. Depending on the amount of rain when you visit, you could see a cascade of water rushing down a 40-foot waterfall at one point on the trail. The fresh water pools around this area are home to shrimp, frogs, fish, and other unique island creatures. You’ll also spot many deer and hermit crabs that inhabit the area. Other interesting sites to see are the large termite nests, land crabs, and bats. The trail also has signs with information about the trees that grow along the trail including the West Indian Locust tree and the Silk Cotton tree.

Be sure to make Reef Bay Trail hike reservations in advance! These trips tend to fill up quickly. Our CimmaronStJohn Concierge Team will be happy to help with arrangements.

Start Planning Your Trip to St. John

It is no wonder the Reef Bay Trail has been voted in the top 10 best hikes in the Caribbean by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. The views are breathtaking and worth every step. Speaking of views, here at CimmaronStJohn, we have vacation villas and condo rentals (many with excellent views) that provide the perfect spot to unwind after a long day on the trails.  For over 15 years, guests have been relaxing in our beachfront properties and soaking up plenty of sunshine. For information about how to get to St. John and what we properties have available, visit our website to get started and give us a call at 1-340-715-2666.

There’s something spectacular knowing images of an idyllic tropical getaway could be turned into reality by simply booking a trip to the island of St. John. This piece of paradise is gorgeously tucked into the Caribbean Sea as part of a trio of islands known as the U.S. Virgin Islands. While it may be known as the smallest by land mass, St. John is notoriously intriguing for its amazing scenery, lush foliage and wonderful wildlife waiting to be discovered. For those that love spending vacation with their toes tucked into the sand, St. John provides endless opportunities for beach-hopping. For those travelers who have their hearts set on adrenaline-pumping adventure, St. John is a jungle of opportunity.  While the list of beautiful destinations to visit is bound to be long, make sure to add Salt Pond Bay to the itinerary before you arrive.

Where Peace and Beauty Collide

Salt Pond Bay occupies the southeast portion of the island of St. John and is a popular hot spot amongst visitors and locals alike. Captivating stretches of coastline make this one of the best destinations on the island for soaking up the sun, swimming, and snorkeling in crystal-clear waters. Salt Pond Bay on St. John is graced with shallow waters that are consistently calm despite the changing tides making it an amazing destination for those guests who have come to St. John with the exclusive goal of swimming and snorkeling. Seagrass, colorful coral, fish, sea turtles and stingrays are just some of the amazing underwater creatures and features that make these watery ecosystems one of a kind.

Opportunities for Hiking at Salt Pond Bay

Travelers who come to St. John with the intent of hitting up the best trails will want to make their way to Salt Pond Bay as a starting point for many amazing treks. Take some time to appreciate the sugar white sand beaches before setting your sights on paths such as Ram’s Head Trail. Rugged landscapes, challenging elevation changes and amazing views await if you’re willing to take on this path that has long been a favorite amongst hikers visiting St. John.

The Island Life is Calling

From hiking to snorkeling and the sunbathing in between, St. John is an island that caters to dream vacations of all types. When you’re here, make sure to make the most of your visit by booking a gorgeous vacation rental with Cimmaron St. John. Our team of professionals is dedicated to making sure guests enjoy a customized and stylish stay that comes with the comfort and luxury you deserve. Contact us today to begin planning your next St. John adventure.

Here is Why You Need to Explore Salt Pond Bay

Salt Pond Bay in the Virgin Islands National Park is a secluded beach with scenic views, great swimming, and some stunning reef life offshore. The amazing, clear water at Salt Pond Bay alone is a reason to visit, but this quieter shoreline makes for a lovely getaway, escaping the crowds of more accessible sandy stretches. The sparse population stems from its longer distance from Cruz Bay than most of the area’s favorite beaches. There is also a required 10-minute hike downhill after the parking lot to reach the beach. Once you arrive, though, you will truly be part of a little slice of paradise. Continue hiking along connecting pathways to Salt Pond Bay or lounge out on the lonely shore to soak up some rays in the peace and quiet. Whether you opt for a land adventure, relaxation, or water exploration, Salt Pond Bay has a little bit of everything.

Salt Pond Bay Snorkeling

There are some great reefs around Salt Pond Bay, though they might be a little more inconvenient to access than some other St. John beaches. To enjoy the fantastic reefs, a long swim to the middle of the bay near a set of jagged rocks will provide ample snorkeling opportunities. The rocky eastern coastline of Salt Pond Bay is another great spot for snorkeling. Be sure to bring your snorkeling gear with you, as there are no rentals on the beach. Also, be sure to use the buddy system and don’t swim out too far if the water is rough! Usually calm, though, Salt Pond Bay USVI does create a great environment for seeing some colorful coral reefs and seagrass beds on a typical day! Sea turtles are often spotted, along with rays and giant hermit crabs.

Salt Pond Bay Beach

The trek to the Salt Pond beach will be worth it once you reach the beautiful St. John destination. The crescent-shaped beach has great sun exposure, perfect for soaking up some vacation rays. Get your tan on while enjoying some joyous breezes to stay cool. The shallow water access is ideal for swimmers, and the protected beach usually doesn’t deal with much surf at all. Float along the surface or swim out and snorkel. While you’re on the sand, however, let the sun seep into your pores and enter a phase of full relaxation!

Salt Pond Bay Hiking

There are some great hiking trails and destinations near Salt Pond Bay that make it an even more ideal place to visit on St. John. Drunk Bay and Ram’s Head Trail are nearby, both offering a rugged beauty. Go on some memorable adventures and take some breathtaking pictures as you hike near Salt Pond Bay. Take the trail on the eastern end of the beach, and head left to Drunk Bay’s coral and stone shoreline and artistic stone sculptures. Or, head right to the crest of Ram’s Head. Each hike is about a mile and somewhat strenuous. Be sure to bring water and some snacks for stamina (maybe even a picnic lunch)! At Ram’s Head, you will walk down narrow island paths and along a stunning stone beach before ascending to the top. The view of Salt Pond and the surrounding landscape will make the journey worth it!

Stay with CimmaronStJohn

Your Salt Pond Bay adventures will be just one part of your St. John vacation! Stay with CimmaronStJohn for luxurious villas and condos to suit your particular needs. From our 2-bedroom Meridian Villa to beautiful 5-bedroom Sweet Surrender Villa, you will enjoy a luxurious stay in St. John! Book your stay now!

Where flavor, scenery and tropical vibes collide, the island of St. John comes to life as one of the most well-loved vacation destinations around. Part of a sunny and sandy collection of islands that make up a spot in the Caribbean Sea, St. John has long been a destination worth traveling to when you’re looking for an idyllic tropical getaway to relax, unwind and find a new lease on life in style. Perfect for spending hours under the sun and on the sand, the island of St. John is also a hiker’s paradise. Between the waterfalls, jungle foliage and dramatic and rocky cliffsides, St. John has just what it takes to create a maze of intriguing, challenging and irresistible pathways to explore. While there are many choices when it comes to a tantalizing trek through St. John, Cinnamon Bay Trail often tops the favorites list.

Dynamic and Challenging Scenery

Just next to the Cinnamon Bay Campground, Cinnamon Bay Trail in St. John comes with its fair share of challenges that are perfect for hikers of all ages to enjoy. If you happen to be on a family getaway and camping at Cinnamon Bay Campground, this trail provides the perfect escape route into some of nature’s finest wonders. Hikers enjoy everything from tropical flowers and foliage to wildlife along their journey. Even more exciting for history buffs are the sugar mill ruins that dot the path. Telling a story of time, these historical landmarks never fail to intrigue hikers along the way.

Preparing for Adventure on Cimmaron Bay Trail

When it comes time to take on Cinnamon Bay Trail in St. John, there’s always an option to extend the fun. The trail is a 1.9-mile out and back route that can be combined with a hike up Reef Bay Trail for a full day of hiking fun. The easiest way to access the trail is to arrive with a vehicle and park at the Cinnamon Bay Campground if you aren’t already settled there. For those travelers heading to St. John with their canine companion in tow, the Cinnamon Bay Trail is an amazing way to spend the day as dogs are allowed on the entirety of the trail as long as they are leashed.

Make the Most of St. John

Hiking has a way of connecting travelers to nature and one another. When you’re visiting St. John to make the most of the many hiking trails, be sure you’ve booked an incredible vacation rental with Cimmaron St. John. We’ll keep you close to the fun while providing the comfort, respite and stylish accommodations you deserve while on vacation. Contact us today for more information and to begin planning!

Why You Need to Hike the Cinnamon Bay Trail

St. John features a stunning tropical landscape, from white sand beaches to lush green hills stretching for miles across the island. When you visit, there will be plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy and appreciate. One of our favorite ways to see the island is to go on a hiking adventure. There are several trails on the island with stunning views that will fully immerse you into the beautiful scenery. The Cinnamon Bay Trail is one of these, featuring a 1.1-mile forested route for you to explore. Discover more about this favorite choice of St. John hiking trails and what you will discover along the way!For more outdoor escapades on St. John, read our Hiking Guide. It offers some great outfitters for guided hikes, including St. John Beach Bum and the National Park Service. These guided hikes cover some of the island’s best trails, including Cinnamon Bay Trail!  For the more adventuresome hikers, check out our interactive map, where you can preview most if not all the best hiking trails on St. John and see their actual locations on the island.

Hike Cinnamon Bay Trail in the Virgin Islands National Park

One of the best things about the Cinnamon Bay Trail is that is located in the Virgin Islands National Park. This breathtaking setting includes some of the most beautiful nature on the island, as well as some historic sites along its pathway. The 1.1-mile route is a short hike as well, making it a fairly easy trail and yet still a beautiful, scenic pathway for those looking for adventure. Along the trail, you will receive fantastic views as you leisurely wind uphill. Be prepared to see deer and mongoose among tropical native trees and vegetation during your hike!

A History Lesson in the Middle of Paradise

The Cinnamon Bay Trail is not only an ideal hiking route on St. John. It also features historic sites along its path. The ruins of a 300-year-old sugar mill are featured along this trail, hailing to the island’s former sugarcane industry domination. A boardwalk-style elevated trail is available for exploring in the ruins area. This trail loops a quarter-mile around the old mill to give you an up-close-and-personal look. Informative signage will help educate you on some facts about this ancient mill as you hike.

Other Recommended Trails

Annaberg Area Trail

Reef Bay Trail

Lind Point Trail

Ram’s Head Trail

Bordeaux Mountain Trail

Stay at La Jolla Caribe Villa Near the Cinnamon Bay Trail!

Right near the Cinnamon Bay Trail, you will discover an exclusive, luxury villa known as La Jolla Caribe. This CimmaronStJohn vacation villa features incomparable views of St. John’s North Shore and several islands in the British Virgin Islands, including Jost Van Dyke. Bordering the Virgin Islands National Park, La Jolla Caribe is an ideal place to truly get away from it all. Escape with friends and family or as a private romantic retreat for one or two couples. The five-bedroom, five-bath villa has a stunning entrance, with double French doors that lead straight into a spacious great room with vaulted ceilings. Indulge in a wonderfully appointed chef’s kitchen, an upper-level wraparound deck, and an alfresco dining area with seating for 8. A spacious jetted hot tub for soaking is another signature amenity at La Jolla Caribe.  This is the perfect spot for taking in panoramic ocean views and incredible star fields at night!


Travelers from across the globe are often taken with the idea of a tropical destination that comes complete with savory drinks, white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and endless amounts of sunshine awaiting them. When it’s turquoise waters and breathtaking sights you crave, look no further than the island of St. John to turn those vacation dreams into reality. Known for its color, culture, and storybook idyllic views, St. John is a destination that quickly captures the hearts of first-time visitors and has them coming back year after year. Just as intriguing as the views are the many flavors of the island. When it comes to pursuing stops during your vacation that please the palate, begin your savory adventure at Cruz Bay Landing.

A Flavorful View on Island Dining

It’s no secret that Cruz Bay Landing is one of St. John’s most popular restaurants with good reason. Nestled into the landscape at 6 D Cruz Bay Town, this establishment occupies space in one of the most exciting and entertaining districts the island has to offer. No matter what time of day a craving hits, Cruz Bay Landing in St. John has the solution. This elegant restaurant with an amazing view too serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a smile. It’s setting near Cruz Bay Ferry Dock makes it easily accessible by land or sea. Find a spot on the beautiful outdoor patio or choose a comfortable table indoors near the full-service bar. The restaurant is open from 7 am until 9 pm and an experience here comes complete with a shuffleboard table and coffee bar.

Menu Must-Try Items at Cruz Bay Landing

If you happen to be stopping by Cruz Bay Landing in St. John for dinner, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to begin your experience with a starter like crispy calamari or blackened tuna lettuce wraps. The main course selections at Cruz Bay Landing change often and are vast but creole snapper, fish, shrimp, and chips, as well as the Baja fish tacos, come highly recommended whenever you’re in town. Above all, guests at Cruz Bay Landing benefit from the many beautifully garnished hand-crafted cocktails that the menu offers up. Feel free to state a personal preference and see what happens when you enjoy a savory drink and a beautiful view at this one of a kind stop on St. John.

Find Your Way Through Flavor and Style

St. John is a vacation destination that promises to deliver on flavor and at Cimmaron St. John, we deliver on style. Let our team help you book a beautiful, convenient and luxurious vacation rental for your stay. We’ll make sure the property you choose meets your every expectation. Contact us today for more information and to begin planning!

This is Why You’ll Love Cruz Bay Landing

St. John is covered with beautiful landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and enticing restaurants and shops. Whether you’re going on your Caribbean vacation to relax on the sandy shores or adventure through the tropical forests, there is so much to explore on our island! Here at CimmaronStJohn, we provide luxurious, private vacation homes to help make your Caribbean journey the best it can possibly be! Along with our beautiful villas, condos, and manors, we offer a wonderful concierge service that will help you decide what to do during your stay. We offer the best advice on excursions, entertainment, and restaurants. If you have any questions, just give us a call! In the meantime, you should check out some of our restaurants suggestions on the island. One great place to eat particularly is Cruz Bay Landing!For more restaurants suggestions near your CimmaronStJohn vacation home, read our St. John restaurant guide. It’s full of the best dining recommendations on the island, like Cruz Bay Landing.

Cruz Bay Landing Ambiance

What makes a good restaurant here in St. John? Well, food for one thing but also the ambiance! Located just steps off the ferry dock in Cruz Bay, Cruz Bay Landing has one of the best atmospheres around. With gorgeous waterfront views and a large outdoor dining space, you can begin your vacation right when you land on St. John! Enjoy the sunshine outside on the deck or grab some shade under the umbrellas. The inside space is light and airy, letting in all those natural views that make the island the true paradise that it is!

Cruz Bay Landing Menu

Come to Cruz Bay Landing for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! There is delicious food throughout the day, and a great happy hour as well for unwinding in the evening. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some delectable food and drinks during your vacation stay on St. John!

Cruz Bay Landing Breakfast Menu

Start off your day right with a scrumptious breakfast at Cruz Bay Landing. At the top of the menu, you will find some local favorites. One such favorites is the landing skillet with eggs over home-fries with sauteed peppers, mushrooms, onions, and jack cheese with fresh guacamole. Or, try the bagel and lox plate with cream cheese, cucumbers, red onions, capers, and a hard-boiled egg. The steak and eggs is another classic, with eggs, an 8 oz. NY strip, home-fries, and toast!

Cruz Bay Landing Lunch Menu

You will need to recharge at lunchtime in between your island adventures. Even soaking up the sunshine can make you hungry, believe it or not! Grab a mouthwatering lunch to satiate your hunger. At Cruz Bay Landing, you will discover some great signature salads and sandwiches for some lighter fare. The pretzel Philly is a favorite! For a lunch platter, select from Baja fish tacos, ribs, or some classic fish and chips! To share, try the hummus plate, loaded waffle fries, or crab cake sliders as an appetizer.

Cruz Bay Landing Dinner Menu

For a wonderful evening, enjoy dinner at Cruz Bay Landing. A Caribbean roti is an island specialty. Choose from chicken and sweet potato or vegetarian chickpea and pumpkin. Surf and turf are two other great selections. The catch of the day will be a surprise special, while spicy jerk marinated chicken will entice your tastebuds. Other options include coconut shrimp with crab cakes, a house burger, and a grilled chicken sandwich. Yum!

Stay with CimmaronStJohn

And after a great and delicious evening, come and relax in your master bedroom in one of our beautiful Cruz Bay vacation rentals like the Perelandra Villa or The Cottage Condo and enjoy a luxurious stay in St. John!

For more great restaurant recommendations, just ask our concierge service here at CimmaronStJohn! Or, read one of our blogs on other delicious dining spots around the island. We hope to see you soon here in the Caribbean!

The island of St. John sits snuggled into the Caribbean Sea, yet despite its relaxed appeal, offers up an endless variety of activities for enthusiast visitors to pursue. From hiking the many trails that cover the island to endless opportunities for shopping and dining, St. John is a versatile and dynamic destination that speaks to travelers of all interests and passions. However you spend your time on the island, you’ll want to be sure to set aside some time for exploring and experiencing the many beaches that have earned St. John its reputation for pristine natural beauty. Where white sand, surf, and sun collide, the beaches of St. John come to life in tropical style. While you’re here, be sure to add Hawksnest Beach to the list of must-see sandy destination worth spending some time.

The Heart of Hawksnest in St John

As the name implies, Hawksnest Beach in St. John has the distinct honor of being integrated into the greater Hawksnest Bay. This entire area is known for its striking landscapes and unsurpassed beauty, making it a photographer’s dream and a wonderful place to come and enjoy amazing views too. As relaxing as it is thrilling to behold, Hawksnest in St. John is a collection of brilliant blue waves, swaying palm trees, emerald foliage and if you come at just the right time in the evening—awe-inspiring sunsets. Spend time sitting on the sand and soaking up the sun or feel free to test out your skills on the waves by kayak or paddleboard when the mood strikes.

Where Adventure is Always an Option

The beautiful drama of Hawksnest Beach in St. John is often attributed to its energetic surf, making it a place those who cling closely to their surfboard flock in the name of testing out their balance and skill. While those visitors who snorkel may find gentler waters more relaxing, Hawksnest Beach is a brilliant location whehttps://cimmaronstjohn.com/3-4-bedroom-homes/n you’re up for a bit of a challenge. Its waters may be more aggressive than other areas but once you find yourself below the surface, you’ll find these beautiful waters are still home to a vast variety of fish, sea turtles and stingrays waiting to be observed.

Relax and Unwind in Island Style

Vacation is about stepping out of the routine of everyday life and experiencing something exceptional. When your travels bring you to the island of St. John make sure you have rental accommodations that are as gorgeous as the scenery. The team at Cimmaron St. John brings expert-level experience into the search and is here to help you book a vacation rental that’s as beautiful as it is comfortable for your stay. Contact us for more information on our many properties and to begin planning your next tropical adventure!

Here are 5 of the Best Things To Do at Hawksnest Beach St. John

Hawksnest Beach St. John is one of the many beaches on St. John where CimmaronStJohn is located. Our vacation villas and condos range across quite a variety of sandy shores in paradise, including Northshore favorites such as Saloman, Honeymoon, Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, and Francis Bay. However, Hawksnest Beach is an ideal location for a variety of reasons. It is the first National Park beach that you encounter driving along the North Shore Road from Cruz Bay. Get ready to bask in the sunshine and embark on the adventure of a lifetime during your vacation to Hawksnest Beach! Here are just 5 of the best things to do at this St. John oasis.


Let’s be honest. All the slices of paradise on St. John are ideal for relaxing! With so many beautiful sandy white beaches with crystal clear waves slapping against the shoreline, you will be in paradise while staying in the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you’re looking for a specific beach to indulge in ultimate relaxation, Hawksnest Beach St. John is the place to be. This long, narrow stretch receives plentiful sun in the morning ideal for suntanning and then slips into shade in the afternoon for some refreshing cool breezes perfect to read or sleep to. Pack a picnic lunch and snack on sandwiches and beer near the rocks at the western end or visit on a rainy day and watch the stormclouds roll in across the water before the sun peeks out again in glorious splendor.

Mingling with the Locals

Hawksnest Beach is a favorite for visitors and locals alike. If you’re looking to mingle with some locals while also enjoy a relaxing day on the shore, this is a great place to come and strike up a conversation. This beach is also not usually very crowded, allowing for more space to spread out and enjoy compared to the cramped shores of the more popular beaches. Choose to talk with the locals or spread out on your beach towel and enjoy an afternoon of solitude and seclusion. You have options!

BBQ Pits

Covered pavilions with picnic tables and BBQ pits and grills are popular gathering spots along the shores of Hawksnest Beach. After all your adventures in the draining sunshine, you will love a nice afternoon in the shade, cooking some delicious BBQ to enjoy with your family and friends! With plenty of parking nearby, you won’t have far to tote your BBQ gear and meat.


There are so many great nooks for snorkeling in St. John. Hawksnest Beach has some great rocks, limited coral, and fish to view underwater, including some spectacular stingrays. Though it does not compare to the more heavily trafficked Cinnamon Bay or Trunk BayHawksnest Beach St. John has some live coral, particularly beautiful stag horn coral. Maneuver past gentle waves and dive down to see some fish hiding in the brightly colored coral and rock outcrops below during your Hawksnest Beach snorkeling adventure.


The slightly rougher waters at Hawksnest Beach are premier for swimming. Body surf a few waves into the shore or wade out and jump over the peaks before they crash. You can also do some laps along the shoreline if you want a good workout. There is nothing quite like swimming in crystal clear waters and being able to see everything underneath you. Watch the wildlife swim beside you as you glide along the beach.

CimmaronStJohn: Hawksnest Beach St. John

After a great day at Hawksnest Beach, head back to your CimmaronStJohn vacation villa for some private time with family and loved ones. We hope you enjoy your stay in paradise! To help you get here, we’ve put together a handy Arrival Guide.



Staying at a Vacation Rental Home, especially St John rentals, has become one of the more popular options for vacation accommodations.  Most vacation destinations have a good selection of private homes and condominiums available as short term vacation rentals with price ranges to meet most budgets.  After deciding on your vacation destination, you then must determine the best way to book a private home for your vacation.  Online search is the more common method and will generally provide a list of results showing sources to evaluate.  The search results will includes Online Travel Agencies (such as, HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, etc), Professional Property Managers and possibly a number of individual property listings.

Booking with an online travel agency is NOT the best option

Individuals searching for a Vacation Rental Home will generally find that the least desirable option will be to book with an online travel agency (OTA).  OTA’s do have high visibility websites which promote Vacation Rental Homes in many market areas around the world.   These entities typically obtain their Vacation Rental Home listings through distribution agreements with Professional Property Managers and/or directly with property owners.  OTA’s rarely, if ever see or experience the Vacation Rental Homes or destinations that they market.

OTA’s generally have first page placement on search results for Vacation Rental Homes because they spend large amounts of money on internet marketing activities.  However, first page placement does NOT mean that an OTA will be the best choice for booking a Vacation Rental Home.   OTA’s have no first-hand knowledge about the Vacation Rental Homes they advertise nor do they have any first-hand local knowledge about the destinations where the properties are located.  Just like you, OTA’s have only seen photos and read marketing descriptions of the properties and the destination that they advertise.

Unlike ‘cookie cutter’ type hotels where most rooms and amenities are alike, Vacation Rental Homes are uniquely diverse and have varying features and amenities.  Without local or first-hand knowledge about the Vacation Rental Home and destination, the OTA is very limited in how they promote bookings.  The OTA  cannot provide a personalized booking experience and will therefore be unable to know whether any Vacation Rental Home would be a good fit for a traveler’s vacation plans.

Another reason that an OTA is NOT the best option for booking a Vacation Rental Home is cost!  Most OTA’s charge a ‘traveler fee’ for booking through their site which is in addition to the rental rates and fees posted on their sites.  This traveler fee is generally anywhere from 6% to 15% of the total rental amount of the booking.  This additional fee makes the cost of booking with an OTA 6% – 15% higher than the cost of booking the same Vacation Rental Home with a local Professional Property Manager.  OTA’s do not have any flexibility in pricing for the Vacation Rental Homes listed on their sites so they cannot offer discounts.  The rates are established on the OTA website and can only be modified by the property manager or owner of the Vacation Rental Home.

Booking with a Local is ALWAYS the best option

Professional Property Managers are locals who live and work year around in their destination.  They intimately know their destination and the St John rentals that they manage and market as vacation rentals.  In many cases, Professional Property Managers are licensed Realtors who have management agreements with property owners within their market area.  Because of their local knowledge, Professional Property Managers should be considered the BEST choice for obtaining complete and accurate information about the all the features and amenities of the properties they manage.  Additionally, they are the best source for reliable advice about whether a selected Vacation Rental Home would be a good fit for individual vacation plans.

Local Professional Property Managers can provide incomparable personal attention for their guests.  They also generally provide local hospitality and concierge services for their guests whereas OTA’s do not have this capability.  As the LOCAL EXPERTS in the destination, information they provide will always be accurate, up to date, and most importantly, first hand.  Guests who reserve a Vacation Rental Home with a Professional Property Manager will not have to pay a traveler fee for booking.  Quite often, better rental pricing may be available through direct contact with a Professional Property Manager.

Realistically, there is only one reasonable choice for locating and reserving a private Vacation Rental Home and that is to Always Book Your Vacation Rental Home with Locals!

CimmaronStJohn — Your Professional, Local Property Manager for St. John Rentals

CimmaronStJohn is a premiere Professional Property Manager on the beautiful tropical island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.  We have an expert staff of full-time residents who take pride in knowing everything about our Vacation Rental Homes.  Additionally, being locals provides them with first-hand knowledge about all the features and activities available at this unique destination.  We are the island experts and have the local knowledge to provide reliable advice about whether a selected Vacation Rental Home will be a good fit for your vacation plans.

Preview the more than 50 CimmaronStJohn Vacation Rental Homes at www.cimmaronstjohn.com.  Here you will find homes and condos that are sure to meet or exceed all your needs and desires.  Extras provided by CimmaronStJohn include free of charge pre-arrival and on-island hospitality and concierge services.

We don’t just book rental homes – we provide memorable vacation experiences that can last a lifetime!  When visiting St. John in the US Virgin Islands, booking your vacation experience with CimmaronStJohn guarantees that your Vacation Rental Home will be fully readied for your arrival and will be exactly as represented.  Our pledge is to ensure that your vacation on St. John will be all that you wished for and that you will not be able to wait for your next return visit to our amazing destination in paradise.

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