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America Hill

Turquoise waves, sugar white sand beaches, and overall tropical appeal have long made the U.S. Virgin Islands an oasis of rest, relaxation and vacation style for those travelers looking to escape the pressures of everyday life-even just for a while. While the collection of islands is often approached as a group, the smallest of these islands is frequently pointed to in the name of exceptionally stunning beauty and captivating landscapes. St. John has just as much to do in the way of entertainment as it does for those looking to get out and immerse themselves in the great outdoors. While the fun and fascinating scenery give this island a little bit of magic, it’s also a destination rich in history. For travelers who head this direction in the hopes of encountering pieces of the past, St. John won’t disappoint. While you’re here doing activities on St. John, be sure to find time to visit America Hill where ruins that tell the story of time await.

A Story Told Through Architecture

The America Hill ruins sit atop a lush vantage point that makes itself visible from both Maho Bay and Francis Bay respectively. While it’s a wonderful landmark to visit in the name of passing time, it’s just as exciting for those looking for a bit of a St. John hiking challenge while on vacation. The trek to the ruins is best started at the Cinnamon Bay trailhead and the full loop there and back requires approximately 30 minutes. The pathway to American Hill ruins is notoriously steep so visitors should be sure to wear appropriate shoes for the journey. This is a hike you won’t want to forget your camera for as the trail leading to the ruins is dotted with gorgeous tropical flowers and inspiring foliage that makes for wonderful photographic backdrops. Similarly, the summit of the hill has some amazing views too.

Activities on St. John Reveal Pieces of the Past

The ruins seem to suddenly appear at the top of the hill, making them a wonderful surprise at the ends of your St. John hiking efforts. Stone arches and remnants of walls are all that remain to speak to the architectural past of St. John. The ruins are primarily sandstone and remain beautifully intricate in their design that originated in the 19th century. While these walls once housed visitors in guest-house style, many who visit the America Hill ruins are excited to learn that these stones also come with a bit of a sorted past having potentially housed rum runners during prohibition.

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Come for the captivating scenery and end up staying for the thrilling history to be found in the foliage. However you spend your time on St. John, this is an island that’s well worth a visit. The team at Cimmaron St. John is here to make sure you’re booked into a beautiful vacation rental to match this gorgeous locale. Contact us today for more information and to begin planning your St. John adventure and book one of our vacation rentals with pool!
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