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No matter where you call home on the map, the island of St. John is bound to be a captivating destination. Of all three U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John is perhaps packed with the most flavor, color, scenery, entertainment and natural beauty imaginable. From turquoise waves to white sand beaches, there are as many reasons to travel this direction as views. However, if you happen to hail from Canada, there’s something even more intriguing about this tropical locale. Here are a few reasons St. John Virgin Islands just may be Canada’s favorite vacation destination of all.

Budget-Friendly Travel

St. John is a Caribbean Sea oasis of beauty that’s teeming with beaches, forests, mangroves, marine life and more. When you’re making your way here from Canada, it’s possible to do so on a budget! Enjoy the exotic feeling of escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life with the added bonus of paying for entertainment, drinks, and dining in U.S. dollars. This convenient conversion rate means you’ll be able to stack the itinerary to the top without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Tropical Charm

St. John is notorious for its collection of breathtaking beaches and year-round warm weather. While Canada enjoys beautiful summers, those who aren’t fond of the ice and snow may not find winter in the north to be the most enjoyable. Instead of enduring it, Canadians can always escape it with a quick trip to St. John where the sun promises to be shining and the sand beckons you to dig in your toes.

A Comprehensive Destination

Living in Canada provides ample opportunities to explore, but it might take you days to do so as you drive across an undeniably sprawling landmass. St. John on the other hand, has long been intriguing to Canadians for its comprehensive layout that’s filled with wonder and beauty. Leave the hours of driving far behind and instead, make the most of adventures in the Virgin Islands National Park where waterfalls, hidden away caverns, hiking trails, and tropical flowers await all within the span of a single day of exploration.

Amazing Food

Those with a passion for pleasing the palate will find a trip to St. John incredibly satisfying. While Canada has its fair share of delicious dishes, there’s something irresistible about a trip to St. John where amazing Caribbean fare seems to be available around every corner. From seafood to savory infusion establishments, St. John never disappoints on the culinary front.

Extraordinary St John Virgin Islands Tours

The opportunities are vast when it comes to a diverse lineup of activities and St John Virgin Islands tours available to Canadian tourists. It may be the sheer number of options that make this destination so incredible. From dolphin spotting to snorkeling amongst tropical fish, coral reef and sea turtles, tours on St. John cover land, sea, and sky. Head out on a chartered yacht for the day or go off-roading with a local guide. No matter where your interests or passion lies, St. John has something for you.

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